Russian Targeting Pod/Laser Designator Thread


That’s a prototype FLIR called Khod, A 1st Gen Thermal pod

I’m not too sure on the specs but I do know it wasn’t particularly liked during its testing, hence why it was cancelled.

I’m sorry that my memory is not very good, so I always give vague information that cannot guarantee its authenticity. But when it comes to Laser Designers on Soviet planes, I have some interesting information to share with you.
I remember reading an article that roughly means that Mig27k can be accessed through“ КАЙРА- 23 “laser target indicator guides a specially designed air-to-air missile. The crazy idea of using lasers to guide air-to-air missiles left a deep impression on me. But I forgot to save this article and couldn’t find any relevant information. I only remember that the suffix at the end of the missile model was”-at" , so now I even suspect that this is my dream.

I’d say it’s mercury. And the pod from the game is Khod. It’s a typo in the book, because in all other sources they are called the other way around


I see, interesting

Surely this means they’ll just give both Su-25T/TM Khod :clueless:

Be sure to support this, it’s for the Saspan-E pod for the Su-27SM

Doubt it will go anywhere. If they weren’t intending to add it before.

I seems it never does, but you miss every shot you don’t take.

Naaaaaah man, have faith

It won’t be forgotten and tossed to the corner like MiG-29SMT 9.19R’s CLDP bug report 🙏


I have already reported this pod to the developers. It needs more characterization documents. What kind of sensor, FOV or zoom scope was there.

I suppose this information is impossible to get ahold of?

You can always try

I don’t even know where to begin to look for detailed information like that. I’ve tried.

Well the Zoom we already know? because it is just licensed DAMOCLES so I’d assume it’s the same

This is not a licensed Damocles. There’s no confirmation of that.

Would there be such information for the T220 for when the MiG-35 comes around? If not then I guess the USSR is kinda screwed, I suppose the Su-30 can receive Damocles but other than that it’s hopeless unless they guesstimate Russian TCP technology.

At least to my knowledge, there’s not much info on T/220 either


Ah ic, always heard that it was licensed DAMOCLES so just assumed that

I haven’t looked into it yet

Unless the Su-30MKM, however it is unclear what tech tree it will be in

No, I haven’t come across any such reference.

They may have been mentioned together only as part of a comparison between them when selecting pods for Russian airplanes

Nothing interesting, unfortunately. You need the FOV and the generation of the thermal imager

can you post full magazine page?

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