Russian Tanks way to bomb resistant

Honestly what the hell is up with russian tanks (most medium or heavy tanks really) and their resistance to being bombed?

You drop a 2000pound bomb on an T44(1m) and Tiger II (60) and the Tiger II dies while the T 44 is tracked. (ok that one was probably a bug)
And similar such situations. Generally unless I manage to have my bomb explode beneath the heavy tank or medium tank it will not die. I understand that some Tanks are more survivable than others (Obj 279, Maus, T95) But how the hell does an IS 2 survive two 1000 pound bombs dropped left and right of its tracks? How does an Obj 268 survive a 500kg bomb exploding on its roof? And many more instances.

The meme with the KV 1 standing as the last survivour of the 12000pound bomb in the 5m deep crater looks more and more like a reality.

And I know that some of it might be an engine failure and what not, and sometimes they also die from Bombs that should never have killed them. But for me it has reached the point that I do not even attempt to bomb russian tanks, especially heavies, unless there is no other choice.

But I still believe that gajin drastically overtuned the ability of russian vehicles to resist overpressure to a silly degree.


Lol I remember dropping an SC1000 on a T-34-85. It landed on the roof above the cannon breach. “Hit”


bruh a tiger ii is pretty bomb resistant

yea, but not when compared to an KV, IS 1 2 or 3 or heaven forbid 6.

Again the point is not “no tank should resist bombings” it is “russian tanks might be a bit overtuned in their resistance to bombs”

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There is no russian bias - move along!

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yeah something does sound wrong here…Russian tanks should be the worst on the list to survive a blast by a bomb been dropped on them…bad coding somewhere