Russian Tanks - RB

I am wondering does anyone else find that the teams at present if Russian tanks are on your team you win, if they are on enemy team you lose.

Just seems to be an endless loop, and makes game play for other nations that much worse.

Example shot a Russian tank with 150mm gun with HE round to track hitting front of track dead centre on the road wheel no damage, tried it again with a 76mm sherman using APHE same result. Do it to any other nations tank and presto track gone.


I get the Gun depression but unfortunately there are a large number of city maps that make this a non issue.

  • The Reverse speed is not always the case ie British tanks

  • First Russian in space has nothing to do with Gaijin or ground combat for that matter.

  • As for the technology aspect that is purely opinion and to discuss that is not really in keeping with the point of the post.

The point is Russian tanks in this game have armour that is far more reliable than it should be damage does not seem to render on them very well, and i would be interested to see the stats on the average win rate of each nation as a whole.

Before you respond with more nonsense i am talking about game balance not real life as it is off topic.

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While not universally true, there are some BR ranges where the Soviets/Russians are doing exceptionally well, so being on their team can boost your own winrate. Between 3.3 and 4.3 the Soviets have an extremely powerful lineup of T-34s and KV-1s which are generally superior to any other tank of the same class at their respective BR.
The main issue with the British (and also French) tanks is that they lack APHE on most tanks and their AP rounds are still mostly unable to penetrate the UFP of T-34s and KV-1s. That means you are most certainly at a disadvantage as you need multiple shots to kill the entire crew of a T-34 or KV-1 through the turret which is also very difficult to penetrate at times due to volumetric.

I would generally agree with the statement of Soviet/Russian tanks having more reliable armour than others as tanks like the T-50, T-34, KV-1, IS-3/6, etc. have much thicker or better-angled armour than most other tanks at the same BR.

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Russian tanks are easy to kill even with solid shells, you just need to know where to shoot, and up to some levels they aren’t even good tanks.

Me as a Russian main. I must say Russian tanks from 10.0 up are not as good. Armor isnt as reliable, too much weakspots, not as good ammo. (best one pen is 580mm at 10m 0angle.) Its not as good as Western tech, reverse speed, weakspots, armor not as good, bad ammo.

easy? If it is from the side, any tank is easy to kill, but from the front with a medium br tank it is not shooting and dying.
How many bullets do Russian fuel tanks swallow? or the bullet that the driver eats and nothing else? I have lost count.
The problem is not the Russian tanks, the problem is the ammunition that does not do the damage it should.
If there is something that bothers me about Russian tanks, it is not that they can kill more or less, it bothers me that I investigate a vehicle and the good bullet in a Russian tank is in the second row and in a fucking Western tank it is in the last line of investigation…you have to play 30, 40, 50 or more battles to get the magic bullet, while with the damn heat.

I was referring to the Russian tanks of WWII (as per topic) if you want to talk about the T-64/72/80 that’s another matter.

With solid shot and even with most APHE shells it is much more difficult to kill a T-34 or KV-1 than other tanks at the same BR. Even if not angled most tanks cannot go through the UFP of a T-34 or KV-1.

When using solid shells you basically can only take out 1-2 crew members at a time both from the front and the side. Plus as @fiuu stated, the fuel tanks on both the T-34s and KV-1s will eat most solid shells completely, adding to their side armour.

Funnily enough, thanks to the magic slope modifiers that early Soviet tank shells get, the T-34 1940 can penetrate the UFP of a T-34 despite having around 20% less pen than the British M61 round.

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I learned by shooting solid shells, that you don’t have to attempt 1 shot 1 kill, but first disable the turret and then kill the enemy tank, this I do against all enemy Russian tanks included.

ah yes, because we all know having the T80 BVM swarms reach people spawns in under 4 minutes never ever happens.

Nevertheless, you will still need between 2-3 shots on an undamaged T-34 or KV-1 to kill all the crew as you can basically take out only 1 or 2 with each shot.

This explains why the Soviets are doing so well as they rarely have to aim to kill and any penetration is almost guaranteed to do devastating damage due to the high HE-filler. Add to this the massive line-up of up to 7 tech-tree T-34s and KV-1s one can build between 3.3 and 4.3 compared to all other nations with either worse tanks or much fewer options

That thing means nothing when you hit battle button m8 sorry to tell you

Care to explain which comment and what part of it you are referring to?

Lol completely wrong person I was responding too omg sorry m8 was another person and discussion not sure wth happened lol