Russian tanks are super silent after last update ! We need a HOTFIX for it!

Hi ,

Again Gaijin decided to indirectly buff all T80s making them super silent with latest update. Please go and compare their engine “sound” with other tanks , they are making 90% less noise , and when standing still you cant hear it completely. I have other engine on 100% , and I can hear Leopard passing 200 meters away but I cant hear t80 being 20 meters away from me.

Is there any way to revert to old engine sounds ? Why Gaijin is making this game worse with every update.

SPAA on 11.7 are still garbage comapring to CAS , T80`s surviving 50% ammor rack shots etc.

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BMPs still sound like my coffee grinder and I can hear them rattling on other side of the map.

Yeah only T80 are on silent mode

Well cant offend Kreml.

Just the usual bugs that come with every update, just a coincidence that bugs often favor Russia surely.

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Bro they fixed Abrams to be more “realistic” so it MOANS from 100 miles , while t80`s goes like Tesla super silent mode . It is not a bug its again Russian propaganda.

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