Russian Sun/ русское солнце

Every match where the sun is in my face the russians have it behind them. I would like someone to prove me other wise. I have screen shots for many matchies and the only time it never happen russia was not in the match


Got often enough the sun in front of me when I played RU.


These ridiculous conspiracy theories are getting hilarious.


You translate like 😜

Fare enough il take your word for it. This topic may be closed or deleted and i can delete all my SS’s

If there is one conspiracy that finally needs to be cleared up, it is the Point-D conspiracy!
Where is this ominous point? What is located there? Are all the ODL players there? All the bias players? CAS?
Or is this a place you get to when you have collected all vehicles in WT?

I have no clue what you have consumed in order to get this idea, but the time is randomized between 6:00-18:00 and the spawn locations are not always purposely put that 1 is against the sun; some are like that. Maybe you should sleep it off for the week and play something else?

I didn’t think flat earthers were even on wt


I did see in a youtube vid why WT has D point, its from ancient times ill find it later

Its about as randomised as auto random spawn point selection

The sun rises from the east…

Then why is the sun in my face at dusk

I agree. In this game, russian bias is real. They get more richochets, better chance at pen. I mean, isnt it weird their 76mm has better angled pen than the german 75mm? It has freaking 40 more pen! How does that translate to worse angled pen?!

We should rabble about this.

The sun works in mysterious ways…

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Even the activity bonus favours towards russian bias in GRB

Ok, that’s something new (noted to “yet another conspiracy theory” notebook).
Thanks for data.

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