Russian R73 missile

I have the su25bm, and ive had enough of the stupid missile, i just played a game and shot the r73 against a nonsuspecting mig23 but as usual, the missile uncontrolably wobbles loses speed and doesnt hit, any other missile wouldve, gaijin needs to fix this stupid missile, because when i fire in a straight from about 2km it cant hit because of the crazy wobbling, it needs to be fixed.

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Its getting fixed in the next major update. Just wait like 2-3 weeks

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Yeah because why add things that work right away am I right xD

I have a feeling that it was supposes to come to the game in the major update but it ended up getting pushed out ahead of schedule because they needed a plane gimmick for the event and the r73 was close enough to push onto live.
The other option is that it was supposed to come to the live server with the event but it was bugged and they figured that it would be easier to fix it for the update than to push a fix before hand.

Yeah true, i just hope i can possibly get compensation for this because this so called “op” missile cant even fly straight for one second and ive lost plenty of kills because of this.