Russian bias proof ;)






The perceived Russian bias in War Thunder, specifically concerning the visibility of Russian jets in comparison to their American counterparts. As an active member of the community and an enthusiast of the game, I believe it is important to foster open discussions

Before delving into this topic, it is crucial to acknowledge that game balance is a complex issue that developers constantly strive to address. The perception of bias can arise due to various factors, including differences in aircraft design, historical data availability, or even unintended consequences during the game’s development process. It is essential to approach this topic with a balanced and constructive mindset.

One common observation is that Russian jets in War Thunder appear to have better visibility compared to their American counterparts. Visibility plays a vital role in situational awareness and can significantly impact gameplay dynamics.

While it is challenging to comment on the specifics without detailed analysis and developer input, it is crucial to remember that aircraft visibility can vary depending on factors such as cockpit design, canopy shape, and available field of view for the pilot. Is it possible that these differences deserve to be reflected in the real-world characteristics of the aircraft being modeled?

It is my belief that it is important for the developers to ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. If a particular aspect of the game, such as aircraft visibility, is perceived as imbalanced, it is worth discussing potential adjustments to improve gameplay without compromising historical accuracy.

I would like to encourage the War Thunder community to engage in constructive dialogue on this issue. Share your observations, experiences, and suggestions, while keeping in mind that the developers are continually working to improve the game. Offer specific examples and data that support your claims, as this will help facilitate a more productive discussion.

Thank you for taking the time to read the post.
I can see this community is total salt using flags to try and remove discussions. It’s pathetic


I appreciate your overall post, but imho “historical accuracy” being important for WT and referring to planes is a very bold statement.

A hell of planes are missing historical loadouts (most obvious German and GB bombers) and it looks like if some planes were modelled “too historical accurate” they lost sometimes some abilities over night.


If you had the opportunity to fight in the Re 2005 some years ago against Meteors and F-80 Cs in 90% full uptiers to 7.0 - you might remember that “new” performance data popped up as the climb rate was too high.
Ok, they changed the plane to reduce the climb rate - looks comprehensible. But as an end result a plane able to outturn LF Mk 9s Spits any day of the week became a brick regarding flight characteristics and got downtiered to 5.3.

Asking for feedback regarding visibility is ihmo not considering that wt is just a video game and not a simulator. So asking in a thread called “Russian bias proof” for an alignment of pilot views looks reasonable from your pov.

But what answer do you expect from gaijin?

From a holistic pov player feedback is not relevant as players can’t change anything.

You might take a look on 11.000 open bug reports (just English language) - about 2.000 of them are dealing with aircraft - or the former suggestion area where a hell of non-historical issues were addressed but not considered.

Anyway, good luck with your project!

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Bruh completley BRUH dude it’s not PROOF of russian bias as it’s just how the muricans made their planes compared to russians


a logical evaluation broski. props to u


Of all the evidence you could use of Russian bias, and there is plenty, this is probably some of the weakest/least conclusive.


If you want proof of Russian Bias, you dont need to look much further than the Mig-29. It could have been armed with R-27Rs that are about equal to what other nations have, such as Skyflash and Aim-7. But instead it was given R-27ERs than outclass those missiles by a HUGE margin.

You can also look at the Su-39 being the first jet to get IRCM, despite many pre-existing aircraft also having IRCM.

The kronstadt for a very long time had magical shells that one shotted everything, because it never existed and they literally had to make up shells for it.


The reflection doesn’t add up to anything there is no compass in the cockpit that could reflect in the glass. It’s a texture that has been added to make it much harder to see where the Russian jets don’t have this.

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Thanks for the input
The reason I put this as bias is to trigger people to get it out there but if you can’t see them you can’t fight. It’s the simplest form of gimping one county. A dev has purposely used a texture of a compass that doesn’t exist in that place in the cockpit and it ruins the experience. I like the game but making it sux In certain ways isn’t adding to wanting to play it more.

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So if I blacked out the cockpit you can fly instruments and get kills… Not at that level but you get my point. Planes and bases are 1 pixel big then they gimp your view only in the American planes… Yea it’s a pretty big fu to one team. At least bake a true representation of the cockpit and not some bs generic compass texture

Thanks. I really want them to look into it and remove the reflection or change it to something that reflects the real dash in the planes.

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Sorry you miss understand what I mean by historical accuracy. The cockpits are very well detailed and the planes draw in customers like me. I’m more referring to the reflection being true to the aircraft and warrant it’s placement in the cockpit. On the Americans side it’s a generic compass texture that doesn’t work for any of these planes. As for load out I can’t talk because I’m not good enough but visually it makes me hate the game when bombing in sim and flying cockpit view especially in VR.


In general, I don’t mind people using ChatGPT to form these forum posts. It can be a useful tool…but in the future can you rework your prompt to be less verbose and formal? There’s no need for that level of formality, or a full preamble, for a simple forum post.

As it is, most of the paragraphs are too much to read for something that says too little.


It’s rewritten for clarity. If you read what I wrote no doubt I’d have everyone confused.
It’s what I want to say and gets the point across well. I have no idea if devs are even active on this forum. Just like star citizen they don’t care much unless it’s on Reddit

I know you don’t want the Russian vehicles to be brought back into balance with everything else, now that you’ve bought your premiums, but there is no reason to call people things like that. Maybe once you’re a bit more experienced you’ll be able to see it for yourself.

Its crucial to acknowledge that nobody except sim guys is using cockpit view so even if Gaijin had some kind of master plan to make Russian jets easier to fly, nobody in Air RB would notice.


Which pre existing aircraft had IRCM?

even if you go play game like dcs you will see that the russian jets do not have reflection like this and the american do have it


i actually commented earlier but i think i might have to revise my words.
i think the issue is much deeper. WT’s ‘spaghetti’ code has been an issue since the start, and i think they use multiple models in each aircraft. thats how coding works at least (me software enjineeeeeeeeeeer) so i think they have different model reflecting through the HUD than the actual vehicles model. this is actually on russian aircraft aswell. if i recollect correctly the SU-22 series but i dont have too high graphics capability so i cant be too sure any more, however just report this to gaijin as a bug, if they say what i said then, ur only solution will be to lower cockpit reflections or overall some graphics settings…

Call who what?

I tried all the settings. It’s just a good way to ruin the game. Most people don’t know you can change seat height and it shows as they can’t bomb accurately. Even with ccip

The reflection doesn’t add anything and I have submitted it to them.
Sim could be so great but I think most players need training wheels and their hand held by the instructor so it doesn’t get the player base it deserves.

Either you are American and don’t notice how bad the reflection is or you are Russian main and want advantages so you can say “skill issue” while secretly knowing there is bias.

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