Russian ammo carousel doesn't explode from engine fire but turret stowed ammo in NATO tanks detonates

Is it possible that this is coded to be so horrifically modeled


Can you substanciate the claim in the headline or?


Do you play the game?


So thats a no then? Idk what the post is then if you cant do that


If you don’t play the game I don’t understand why you’re commenting on a discussion forum for the game.


Are you going to spam 100 more low effort posts? Meanwhile I’m banned from making threads…

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I’m sorry you view discussion around a critical gameplay mechanic being coded to not occur against specific vehicles versus others which should be more resistant towards said gameplay mechanic as “spam”.

I do actually play War Thunder and I find it very frustrating for disparities like this to exist.


“This user actively uses the forum to discuss the game”.

What relevance does this have on this thread?

I am guessing that he wont because it will show him roasting his ammo over the engine fire like he is cooking hotdogs.

Bigger problem is that the carousel autoloader works even after taking hits. Not sure why the autoloaders are not damageable module as any other, but but surely it is “autoloder” bias.


Modern tanks are built to withstand napalm you don’t seriously believe the engine fire could heat the turret enough to detonate sealed ammo right?

is Napalm expected to hit the Bottom of the turret?

If a tank was attacked by napalm why would it not have some fall on its engine compartment?

because the turret is in the way

What if the turret was rotated 45 degrees

then the bottom of the turret is still not exposed to napalm

and besides that, since the Leo ammo storage is protected against cookoff with the Blast panels it doesn’t make sense to me why you would protect the bottom of the turret from a Very unlikely type of attack especially when that wouldn’t take the tank out

And if the turret rotates back?

There is no “besides”.

Modern MBTs are designed to not be hurt by outside fires. It is ahistorical and asinine that the engine fire would detonate the turret stowed ammo before killing the entire crew from the heat of the fire.

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your source is it doesn’t make sense to me even tho it’s pretty obvious that Heat rises up and the armor below the Rear turret isn’t that thick