Russian 10.0+ mbt ammo not exploding

So Russian 10.0+ ammo
Explain to me Gaijin why in the hell aren’t they explode when i hit them multiple times instead just turn them black while my ammo explode by turning black how is that balance Gaijin

I can only confirm

was with me several times, T-80U, T-80UK, and BVM.
Destroyed the ammo but nothing happened.
Must be a mistake.
Please fix the error.

Same goes with T-10 ans IS-6 family. Ammo disappears and the critical hit shows “ammo” but still nothing happens to the tank …

I’ll add the Krishantema to the list. Ammo hit, turned black and disappeared and did not explode.

That is nothing new. Players have been complaining about it since tanks were added.

Yeah but why does ot only happen to russian things ? Never saw that on a German or US vehicle