Russia 10.0 SU-25k, 2S38, TURMS-T

Why are these vehicles not 9.0? They would sell better at a lower BR.

TURMS is perfectly fine at 10.0, no need to move anywhere.

This a joke or bait

It’s not as effective as it would be at 9.0

I think it would sell much better at a lower BR

Yeah if i put my sea harrier at 9.0 it would wipe the floor
It thing called balance

Why is balance a factor? Gaijin wants to make money.

The vehicles would sell more if they were 9.0

m1a1 AIM has a crazy low win rate, i think it would sell better at 8.3

AIM is a squadron vehicle it can be accessed w/o paying money.

KVT on the other hand I’d agree with you.

but you can pay GE for it. maybe just x4 the GE cost at put it at 6.7

Technically you can pay GE for any vehicle in the game.

Average Vamilad thread


Average Vamilad fan club member.

You make the forum interesting. I’ll give you that.

I’m not always sure of the true meaning behind Vamilad’s threads, but I’m here for them.

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