RSO/1 mit 7,5 cm GebG. 36 L/19,5

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I would like to sugges the Raupenschlepper Ost/1 armed with a 7,5 cm Gebirgsgeschütz 36 L/19,5.
This would add one of many of the armed versions (2 cm - 15 cm) and be a fun fully tracked mid war
this quite basic vehicle would add a fun array of usabel to derpy and usable guns to the lower Brs.
It would show the need of the German army to specifically develop a vehicle for the eastern Front as well as to arm every and each vehicle possible to get more guns mobile.

The RSO was a specifically designed for the Eastern front, all tracked transport vehicle from December 1942 which was produced 1000 a year and came in 3 basic versions.

The /1 was the first standart vehicle with a fully enclosed cabin and Ottomotor.
The /2 which was the classc Open and often armored variant with a 7,5 cm Pak 40 L/46
and the /3 was used in trails for a wide array of guns, including this 15 cm s.I.G. 33 L/12, furthermore the /3 as a vehicle itself was equipped with a half open simplefied cabin and a new Dieselmotor which was more accessable as well as reliable at the cold temperatures of the eastern front.

In the Trails the RSO/1 was still used for the 7,5 cm GebG. 36 while generally the future was the /2 and /3, however gameplay wise this will make little difference as the /1 is a bit smaller, lighter and has a stronger Otto Engine.
The results of the Trails of a couple of guns are sadly lost to history (or i didnt find them)
But the only 2 versions that went into full production were the 7,5 cm Pak 40 and 2 cm Gebirgsflak 38 armed ones, the /2 and /3.

This specific variant is a late /1 which has recived also a half open simplefied Driver cabin, but remains otherwise unchanged to the early /1.

I suggest it with the windshield folded down to the front , as such the gun can even move down to its -2° depression.
The gun is a bit more powerfull than the Le.I.G. 18 L/12, but still rather weak and inbetween the L/12 and KwK 37 L/24.

Pictures:(Click to show)


The Gun:
7,5 cm GebG 36 L/19,5 -2° to +70° elevation, 40° Traverse each side
(It is not clear if it has access to Kinetic ammo, however it has access to the same as the KwK 37 L/24 and the Kanonengranaten)
I will only add the Gameplay wise interesting ones, there are also weaker He shells and Incendary He shells available.
Ammo:(Click to show)

Gr. 38 Hl/C HEAT 4,8 kg 515 g H.10 (875,5g TnTa) 450 m/s 115mm/10m


Sprgr. 34 HE 5,74 kg 686g Fp.02 und Np.10 (878,08g TnTa) 475 m/s


K.Gr. Rot Nb. Smoke 6,2 kg 50 g Smokestuff 423 m/s


And this shell may or may not be avaialble:

K. Gr. Rot Pz APCBC 6,8 kg 80 g Fp.02 und Np.10 (102,4 g TnTa) 380 m/s 51mm/10m


The Vehicle:
Dimensions: 4,425 m / 1,99 m / 2,53 m
Weight: 3,7 t + 750 kg (gun)
Engine: V8 Steyr Ottomotor 85 Ps / 3000 RPM
Speed: 30 km/h
Armor: Hull 3mm Steel

Manual of the RSO

Geschossringbuch I
Munition des Gebg 36 (HDv.481/11a)