hello i researched every vehicle in the chinese air techtree and i still receive rp. What happens with that rp?

Nothing you gain nothing except free rp

ok thx thats ass . thought you could save that for the upcoming vehicles

I wish trust me

i think it adds to the convertible RP so if you spend GE to boost a vehicle it uses that RP still

never tried but i think thats why


Same here with JP.

Actually your RP income is not wasted - have in mind that the RP earned are connected to the XP you need for crew qualification.

So if you want to continue playing CHN in Air RB - you might use your best performing plane (preferably a premium) and level up a second/third/fourth crew slot - so that you have multiple level 75 crews.

This in order to be prepared for changes of Air RB in the future. In case they might introduce multiple spawns it will be an advantage to have multiple lev 75 crews. Even if not, you waste those RPs if you play just one crew slot.

Another option is to wait with new crew slots until you reached level 150 for Ground and Naval in those slots by playing Air RB. You might change your mind and want to play these modes in the future - even if you start Ground and Naval at BR 1.0 - a level 150 crew should give you a massive advantage vs other rookies there.

Crew Skill as already mentioned.

If your plane has expert qualification, these RP also go towards ace qualification.

They also go towards squadron vehicles.