RP rewards after Sons of Attila update

after the update RP rewards are totally worthless , this is a game I am gonna make an example with :

I killed 9 aircraft and 2 tanks with M247 and 2 tanks with M60TTS and then I dropped a nuke .
activity is really high , if not 100% it is 97%, M247 is behind the new SPAA that I am grinding which means 10% added RP . If i had a talisman on M247 and premium account ,18K would be the top most somebody would get .
this is really harsh . why?


Just wait when you get Chaparral and realize its not even that good


It matters not here, RP gain for ground units have been smite.

I have the israeli one and it’s honestly the saddest excuse of an SPAA in this game.

The fact that the missiles aim upwards from where the aiming circle is means that they already lose most of their energy before even getting into a straight line towards the target. Add to that that you can’t lead them.

It’s funny because you can clearly see that the optics line up with the missiles, yet the lock on circle is at a 17° angle lower.

But yes the RP seemed off for me too when grinding Israel for this thing. Don’t know how much though.

I don’t have that problem :

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Wait so it’s a bug with the Israeli one?! I’ll post a screenshot how the israeli one looks when I get home.

Also. They are pretty much the same vehicle, how can someone screw up the implementation of one of them.

Spookton played with American version and it also had this issue.
is it a bug with second missile ? cause I don’t have that in test drive

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Could be yeah. The Israeli had it with both missiles, but that makes sense as the the first missile on the Israeli one is the same as the second missile on the US one.

well it is not, US gets 72A/C , you get E and G

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Oh oops, my bad. Might be misrememering thins then. Anyway it’s strange how it’s bugged with all missiles except for the stock one on the US Chaparral, how do they even manage that?

But apologies for derailing your post. I 100% agree with you that ground RB RP earnings feel off. They feel lower, but I can’t really think by how much.


Find it exactly like that. After 3 games I would also have felt that RP had become less…

Hahhh Gaijin try to messing with us players again didn’t they?

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@Gunjob can you look into this

this is a probable bug , but grinding the MIM72 is destroying my soul and even then I can not test the missile as it is a mod .
can you test it ?

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I’m at my internship/work so I won’t be near my PC for another ~7 hours. I could test/post some screenshots when I get home.

EDIT: I just logged in to the live server and it was fixed on the Israeli one!

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its because they are yet to add the RP gain improvement if im not mistaken.


Good news is, they fixed the israeli upgraded missile.

Bad news is, they broke the stock misisle even further.

These rewards are terrible last time ground research was good was a few years ago. All that effort barely for any research points…