Imp.Chaparral seeker is to low

I had the same problem with the Israeli one yesterday night. However I just got back from work, downloaded the little update and it’s fixed now for the israeli one.

thx i will restart game after tonight

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still the same after re-lunch

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Wtf that is even lower than it was on the israeli one! You almost have to aim straight up to lock something.

actuary, i play on israeli

I see that it’s an issue with the stock missiles, because this is with the upgraded missile

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Does the mim72G not get an uncaged seeker??


The changes to the lock circle plavement really messed up the chaparral. It was good as it was at the start, shooting the missile up. It made it possible to hit helis behind the tree line. Currectly the missile goes down into the ground at almost every attempt at hitting a heli.

I disagree, from my experiences it meant that you really couldn’t hit any aircraft and usually by the time my missile reached the helis and it was aware they easily dodged it.

Now it aims up around 4° instead of 17°, which is far better imo.

When i wrote this comment the missile was aiming directly at the lock circle and the missiles always went into the ground. Now its alright altough i prefer higher

Is it worth grinding this thing?

Ive been using the israeli one, it has a smokeless motor which is really good. But if your team has another aa up they will make the enemy do maneuvers and then you wont be able to hit anyone. Its good in some situations but completely useless against high tier helicopters. I wouldnt really recommend it. Its pretty frustrating to use it. And i ca only imagine how useless the american must be with visible missiles

So it’s better to stick with M247 for now?

No if thats your other option it might be better with the missiles, but theyre pretty easy to flare…

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Ah m247 might be better actually because the chaparral has a hard time hitting targets thats close and moving

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range is biggest problem. it faces helo’s what has range of 6 km and the sams do not even reach that

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ikr. And Gaijin move Roland system up to 10.3 but not some of those Helicopters with 5km+ ATGM along with them.
Now you either have sit around wait for enemys helicopter to get into range or spawn aircrafts and try your luck with enemys AAM (If they had).

Only play ground and refuse to play the air part seeing the not the loving part towards air