RP in ground RB are a joke

Whats the point of buying a 30 - 70 Dollar high tier premium tank, when you make average 5k RP pro battle? Its way to low for the price you pay to have any chance to progress in the game.


*its too low for the time you commit to the game regardless of vehicle, premium and otherwise.

Its gotten better, but ground RB/AB (possibly Air AB?) should progress more akin to Air RB in time committed


The problem is that there is a limit to experience in one game because many times if I get 10 kills I get a close number if I kill 5 the difference will be a small number

Because you are unaware SL comes from actions and RP comes from duration.

RP gains are capped, then you add modifiers/boosters.

RP/progress is limited and always has.

In GF you have opportunity to use lineups and therefore focus on what is best for individual matches.

People get to top tier in a month so maybe it is still too quick?

(And yes it does feel sucky).


I know that from the beginning there are limits but it was more than this and indeed this is very bad that they cancel all economic reforms in secret

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yess… in air RB i can make 10k RP pretty easy with maybe 1 destroyed base and 1 - 2 kills. Its also achievable with non meta vehicles. You feel like that there is progression.

Its the opposite in ground RB especially with non meta vehicles like challenger DS and stuff, where you have to play carefully to even get near 5k RP. The Maps in ground RB are also problematic, since they are so small a match hardly last longer than 5-10 minutes.

the gameplay is so bad in higher tiers…

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You can easily make 15-20k per game if you are decent (2:1 K/D) and have a lineup (which you should before you buy a premium) as long as you have a premium account (which you should also have if you bought a high tier premium)

Sadly its just not true. Mabye at lower tiers with a full lineup but not at BR 10.3 +.
There is also a RP limitation which is arount 15k RP.

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Agree on air AB, but even air RB needs increasing imo.