RP gains when playing planes/helis in GRB

Recently unlocked the Su-25T, and finally got a good cas game in it since they didnt bring out a top tier SPAA.
7 kills in 3,5 minutes only to be met with 2k RP gains (1300 of them coming from time played mind you). So i could have just flown around for 5 minutes doing nothing and gotten more RP then the 7 kills i got in 3,5 minutes.
Like something is seriously wrong with the system if 2/3 rp gains came from just time spent, when i get 7 kills in the damn thing.
I got more RP towards my tank from 3 assist and being alive for 4,5 minutes, then i did for 7 kills and being alive for 3,5 minutes in a plane.

Also why the hell is time spent the most rewarding factor when gaining RP? That also makes 0 sense

Just did the math on spading the Su-25T. 511k RP for every modification. i earned 2.2k rp for 7 kills in 3,5 minutes. I need to get 232 games with 7 kills to spade the damn thing. Thats insane, it takes like 70-100 games to spade a tank in GRB with regular old matches with like 2 kills here, 5 kills there.

It is like this since they changed action based economy to time based. As apparently community wanted that in a vote. Problem is,community didnt. They just formulated the question in a way,neither was right answer to keep action based and all were just time based. It is gaijins way to nerf RP income. As now you just need long games and even then there is RP cap. As for full air RB game you dont really go above 25-30k RP without booster per game.

Oh dont get me started on GRB RP gains compared to ARB. I started from reserve planes in japan, and got to the f16aj in 4 days. took me 240 games with the F4EJ ADTW.
To get to the bottom of the Japan ground tech tree with 2 premiums can take multiple weeks. 12-14k rp for bombing two bases easily takes like 5-6 minutes per game. In GRB 10k rp for a good game takes like 12-15 minutes (and thats only when you actually do well). Bombing two bases is just braindead grinding, i just watched a show while doing it.