RP earnings per kill depending on the map size proposal!

I think RP gain should be adjusted depending on the map that we are currently playing.

That way we will encourage having bigger maps in the top tier and people would still get enough rp to grind out stuff. So it would probably be a win-win situation for all

Let’s say for one kill at the large map at top tier should get you 3 times more the rp than the close-quarter map.

I think that would make grind and tank gameplay more enjoyable.

Mind you it’s just for rp earning not for spawn points, cause I think that are okay.

That would stop these 100-meter map rotations with tanks that are made for 3,4km shots on the move in real life cause many more people would find larger maps more enjoyable I think.

Sounds like a reasonable proposal to me!

I recently tried out high RB vehicles and they definitely feel claustrophobic on smaller maps, with all the mobility and effective range.

The gameplay dynamics are definitely different on bigger maps, where you have to cover a much wider area with less tanks.

I quit at start big maps like Poland, red desert and all that huge crap

Start a poll about people map size preferences 😅

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How about increase earning across the board? Earning 1/3rd the RP because gaijin gives you a small map does not sound enjoyable at all.

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I don’t see how tinkering with rewards is going to influence map rotation…
Players have very little control on what maps they get and the dev’s aren’t going to care.
Seems more of a way of implementing insult to injury.
MM: “Hi, Here is a tiny map for your top tier monster, with a side of nurfed RP to go with. Enjoy!”

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