RP cost to unlock next helicopter = RP cost to spade current helicopter?

Anyone notice this?

(843 short of spading, out of 129k)

(almost earned 170k RP)

Wiki says it’s 129,900 RP to spade it.
And 170,000 RP to get the next helicopter.

Why am I only 4620 RP short for the vehicle, but only now I’m spading it?

I should only have 129.9k + 10% = 142,890 RP on the vehicle by the time I spade it.

You’re telling me I earned 166k vehicle RP but only 130k modification RP? Isn’t Vehicle RP earned supposed to match modification RP earned?

So I should have long spaded it. Where did my RP go? Am I mistaken about Mod RP = Vehicle RP?

Same thing happened on the AH-1G and the Mi4AV, so a 3rd time can’t be a coincidence. I never have multiple pending matches in event heli and rarely in GRB when I use heli, so I dont think it’s cause of modification overflow.

Is there a hidden mod RP / vehicle RP earned ratio for helicopters?


I’m about to spade a heli, and the next heli is 4k RP short. Cost to spade heli is 130k RP, but next vehicle is 170k RP. So I should have spaded long ago. Same for AH1G/Mi4AV. What happened?

Is there a hidden mod RP / vehicle RP earned ratio for helicopters?


Have you counted bonus RP you are getting for each rank of modifications researched?


Oh yeah that could be it.

That’s interesting, so we spade and get next heli at the same time, I wonder if it’s done on purpose.

Usually other vehicles get spaded faster than I unlock the next vehicle. Heli mods are so expensive.