RP and SL rewards (Ghost nerf?)

Has anyone else found that rewards are not as good as before the “skill bonus”? After they “fixed” rewards awhile back i was getting 20k research in my real good games and on average 10-15k. Now I drop a 13 kill game and a nuke WITH a premium tank (Type 74 (G)) and 42% Booster, and only got 16.6k…
Above is screenshots of the end results of the match.

Idk about that but would love to see the replay

Yeah its kind of odd cause I got the same rewards using 3 tanks and getting around 6 kills and a point captured as I did using one tank getting 11 kills and 4 assists with no deaths.

because the XP reward is a result of Time/activity, i.e. kills, assists, caps, etc. For a very good but short game you will get a shitty reward, for a few frags and a long time in battle you will get more. That’s why people on ARB, when there are 2-3 of them left on the map, go back to the airport and focus on destroying bases instead of catching frags. This is a fairly common and safe way to easily gain another few thousand XP before the battle time runs out.

SL is mainly about kills
XP is mainly game time/activity

In the reports you have everything to draw conclusions about how it works and why it is designed so that the average monkey also has rewards even if he does little in his miserable existence. This game is a Russian propaganda simulator, so as befits their standards, the “reward” system is used - “everyone gets equally” “equal means shit”

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This is what I got before skill bonus, 13k RP for 2 ground and 1 air kill in the WMA.


It wasn’t as entertaining as you might think lol. Just doing berm drill all game

That’s literally better…