"Royal wings" possible next update

This is not a leak or anything of that description, this is just pure speculation and a slightly educated guess.

also feel free to discuss with me in the comments what you think about this

With the update “Sons of Attila” released, All of the European nations other than Russia are truly outmatched in the skies against the F-16C and Mig-29SMT, so it’s about time they had an upgrade. I believe there are a few possibilities for this next update, including a Hungarian air tree to further bolster Italy. I believe that in the next update, we will see the top euro fighters come to warthunder, the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, Saab Gripen, and possibly the exported Mitsubishi F-15J.

This next update has a lot of possibilities for these aircraft, due to the amount of time that Germany, Italy, Britain, France, Japan, and Sweden have been unbalanced in top-tier air RB, with some being more unbalanced than others, with notably Japan and Italy receiving the F-16. If the Typhoon is added, I believe for now it will be added to only Germany and Britain, with the Italians getting the update after, like with the F-16. it is also possible if a Hungarian air subtree is added then Italy would be able to get both the Mig-29 and Gripen, as well as the typhoon, which would give Italy the most diverse top-tier air tree in the game, and I believe that if this subtree is added, Italy will get a mig 29 and the Gripen before the Typhoon. Additionally, the Rafale could also be added to Britain, through India, like the T-90 Bhishma, or through an Indian subtree. The F-15J would be a good addition to the Japanese tree, as well as testing for how it would perform for the American tree before adding it to said tree, I feel, could give Japan an advantage for a while, at least before the American F-15 is added, as well as jets like the SU-27, SU-30 and SU-33. In general, I believe the next update should be bringing every other tech tree up to, if not further than the current American and Russian tech trees, to allow some other nations to be on top since the release of the Viggen.

with Russia and the US tree getting well into the 2000s, it’s about time for other nations to get to that same point or surpass it, so there is not complete bias towards 2 nations, making every other nation unfun to play. The 3 European jets are necessary for the longevity of the game, however for Japan, it is possible to get both the Mitsubishi F-2 and the F-15J, as they are the progression after the F-16AJ, However, the Rafale for Britain is less necessary, although a possibility, as well as the F-16IN, both, however, are unlikely, unless if a Indian subtree is brought in, or if as event vehicles.

My lack of mention of the Israeli F-15I is mainly due to that aircraft being based on the F-15E strike eagle, a much later model than the F-15J, based on the F-15C, as well as the fact that Israel has both an F-16A with pythons and an F-16D, so they don’t need an improvement to their top tier capabilities at this point.

In testing for the next update, Gaijin may use the F-16C and J-8F to test both AMRAAMs and the BVRAAMs, as stated in the devblog for the J-8F “The J-8F is known to carry the PL-12 BVRAAMs (beyond-visual-range air-to-air missiles), but adding them to the game would mean the J-8F has a significant advantage over all opponents on the battlefield”. If they wish to test these, bumping up both the F-16C and J-8F to a br where they can only fight each other, even temporarily, would be a good way to test both the PL-12 and AMRAAM, as well as the R77 on the MIG-29SMT, even though it can’t take this missile irl, it would be fine to test before adding something like the MIG-29S.

So this is all speculation, do i think gaijin will add all the euro jets? Absolutely not. It is most likely they will add one or possibly two euro jets within a next update if were lucky then we will get them all (Typhoon, Rafale, Gripen) however I am doubtful of this due to the US - Russia bias that Gaijin seems to have - the more likely thing to come is the F-15 A or B and SU-27 / MIG-29S, i hope this is not the case, but it is likely. It is also possible i could be proven wrong entirely, and gaijin could be adding more bombers to the US tree, hence the move of the F-105 from rank 6 to rank 7, perhaps making room for a B-52 or F-111 variant. In reality we have no idea what gaijin is doing, and they would already have this and the next few updates already planned.

I do believe something big for air is coming in the next major update, i just have no idea what, it could be everything the playerbase wants, or it could be yet more disappointment as an overpowered top tier jet for the US or Russia, like whats happened many times, most notably with the update “danger zone” with the F-14 Tomcat. Rank 8 Aviation i believe will soon come to a close within the next 3 updates, followed by Rank 9 in short succession.

link to my google doc where i may be updating and adding more