Rotary gameplay

I need some that can please help me to compose a suggestion for the devs to improve rotary gameplay.

So far I have found that some of the basic fundamentals of rotary flight is absent in game, something that feels more like GTA V flight with a more “accurate” damage model is how I would describe it at the moment.

Auto rotation is absent, helis that can fly with a single engine or maintain lift after dumping payload, spinning out while at speed in the event of a tail strike +++

I’ve auto-rotated 3 times in UH-1 thus far.
I’ve flown on 1 engine in 4 separate instances thus far.
I’ve gained lift after removing payload.

I don’t understand your post…

I just spun out and lost lift on the Rooivalk with minor engin 2 damage. Received a tail strike shot while RTB and spun out while doing 200+

On autorotation you go down like a brick while doing 200+

Similar issues with the Apache & AH-6

I go down slowly on autorotation.
As for your situations: You lost tail so of course you’ll spin out.
Transmission could get shot which drops you cause you can’t auto-rotate a broken transmission.

I’m talking a fuel leak and then you go down. Gearbox and engins are fine.

If you get a tail strike and maintain air speed you can fly without spinning out while not having a tail rotor. Tail strike does not mean “you lost your tail”.