Rooftop machine guns turn too fast

Rooftop machine gun rotation and elevation speed should be linked to the vehicle’s since time can not be taken to model a crew member out of the open hatch.

The turning speed of rooftop mgs is fine as is. What good will come out of nerfing them?

A nerf isn’t needed because they arent op and don’t need to be nerfed.

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It is faster than is physically possible and does not require an exposed crew member to rotate.

They are far too strong.

Absolute audacity to talk about realism coming from a helicopter player who’s pilot can’t even be overpressured lmao

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Overpressured from what if an HE shell or an ATGM hits a heli it’s going down

Are you actually kidding me? … The amount of times a ka50 or a mi28 has taken multiple stingers to the face and continued flying is ridiculous lmafo. No acknowledgement that it should kill the crew… Just a claim that itll go down anyway… Which alot of the time it doesn’t lol


Gaijin’s inability to model Russian helicopters doesn’t change the balancing of every other helicopter.

Ok, but how are they too strong? I don’t understand why you think they should be nerfed.

They are able to move on target faster than they would IRL and on top of that don’t require an exposed crew member to operate.

Yes it does because until the helicopters are modelled correctly why should the guns to defend against them be modelled correctly, as far as im concerned they’re balanced atm. Or maybe you just want an unfair advantage…

And how is that bad? That just makes the game better and easier.

It also allows people to shoot at aircraft and helicopters easier.

Okay go play arcade?

Machine guns which IRL would require an exposed crew member to operate being able to fire faster and more accurately w/o an exposed crew member isn’t an unfair advantage?

Why would they? American have had 50cals that could be operated from within the hull since the 1960s…


Yes even without having an exposed crew member the machine gun still rotates far too quickly

And helicopters are modelled wrong, so it’s equal

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That has nothing to do with this convo.

Why do you want roof mgs to be nerfed when they don’t need to be?
Be specific


Not all helicopters are equal

You said you want the game to be easier, go play arcade

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Not all tanks have a roof gun…