Rooftop machine guns turn too fast


I tested it several times, and got an average of 2.66 seconds to go 180 degrees


Rooftop MGs have 90°/s rotation speed for pitch and yaw, so it in fact does take 2 seconds.

See for instance the rooftop .50 on the M1A2:

Not to mention there is this “inertia” factor or something so if you switch directions, it has a little delay as it takes some time to slow down and get up to speed again.


oh jesus … is there anything in the game that doesn’t bother Vamilad?


propably not, i still dont know why he is still playing


It’s the only thing that a tank player can use to defend himself against a heli rusher


Yeah… because a 7.92 is a really deadly laser beam against tanks, man those Leopards are really destroying top tier right now, killing all tanks in a burst of HMG


he propably hates the roof mounted mgs of the leclercs the most and always dies to them


There really isn’t a problem with them… especially at low tier. Sure you can kill a Puma with a .50… but you can also kill a Sherman with most anti aircraft guns anyway. So it kinda goes either way

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I’ve turned a 20 mil Oerlikon at a museum in france once and that thing could move easier than Expected

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Ah yes, make it even harder for ground forces to counter CAS. Sorry, not really an option here.


so you want to make them utter useless?

It only bothers him if it leads to his death or doesnt give him a kill. If it does that, it must be bad game design because it cant possibly be his fault


It’s “my fault” that a machine gun rotated freely 180 degrees ignoring the laws of physics? Do you think I’m God?

yes, you can rotate these MGs pretty easily and quickly

in my experience much faster than what we have in game, especially Because the User of said MG is motivated by Survival


Yes if you are advocating for a crew member who needs to be exposed to fire the machine gun then I agree.

sure, but then that guy should also be an AI gunner like in Naval

which would end with you getting shot down more often by them

If you want to advocate for both an exposed crew member being necessary to fire the machine gun and the accuracy of that crew member to be based on crew skills then once again I agree.

na not really, I don’t see a Point in adding that to the crew Skill tree

it’s not that hard to fire a Machine gun especially when half your rounds are tracers

1st … it’s a game … 2nd I can tell ya a machine gun can rotate fast on a lafette. Saw it myself on a gunrange when I was in the Bundeswehr.

pretty much every AA, besides 50 call AA like the CCKW 353 M45