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Hello everyone! This is a project I’ve been working on for several months now, and is likely my most ambitious project to date. It has been something I’ve wanted to put together for a long time, and It is now finally here! I am pleased and excited to share my proposal for a Romanian Coastal Fleet Sub-Tree, designed ideally to fit within the Italian Coastal Fleet Tech Tree. My reasoning for this is that Romania has been proposed in the past, both by players and by the devs themselves, as a possible sub-nation to add to Italy in the same fashion as South Africa is for the UK. We already have Romanian aircraft in the Italian lineup (albeit premium), so tanks and ships shouldn’t be too far-fetched. Italy is by FAR the weakest when it comes to naval. Excluding the one-off boats like the Sparviero and the Saetta, Italy’s coastal fleet leaves much to be desired. Many of the boats are nearly identical to each other, and they have serious deficiencies in both armament and survivability. They also lack cohesive lineups due to several large gaps in the tree, which this aims to alleviate to a certain degree. Finally, there is a distinct lack of heavily-armed gunboats in the Italian coastal fleet. Compared to other nations, Italy only has four boats with guns larger than 40mm (at time of writing), and two are premium. By adding these boats to the tech tree (NOT as premiums) it would seriously bolster Italy’s capabilities in naval battles and make playing them more fun! I do realize that where vehicles are placed in the game is up to the devs to decide, but that is my reasoning. I will be putting options for other nations in my poll as is required, but I strongly encourage you to consider it for Italy! Regardless, let’s get into the tree!

This tree was made using the free WT Tech Tree Maker tool by Zanju13.

I have the full tree with all the details about each ship hosted on my neocities site, which you can check out here: Romanian Coastal Sub-Tree.



Căpitan Romano Mihail (WWII Refit) - BR 1.3

Class: Gunboat

This boat was part of a class of gunboats originally introduced in 1907. They are armed with a Skoda 47mm naval gun, which is a license-produced version of the Hotchkiss 3-pdr naval gun. As a secondary armament they initially had only a 6.5mm machine gun, but this was upgraded to a 20mm Oerlikon for WWII. A 300mm depth charge launcher was also fitted. Though somewhat weakly armed, they have around 20mm of armor, which makes them well-protected at such a low BR. Top speed is around 18 kts, or 20 mph.

Rank II:


NMS Vedenia - BR 1.7

Class: Motor Torpedo Boat

Based on the British Vosper-type MTBs, these were assembled in Romania as a successor to the previous class of Romanian MTBs which had been built by the British directly. They featured a substantial upgrade in firepower over their precursors, moving from .303 Vickers machine guns to a pair of 20mm Oerlikon cannons in glazed turrets. Coupled with two 533mm (21in) torpedo tubes, these are formidable and capable torpedo boats that will be very fun to play. The Oerlikons are significantly more capable than the Breda or Scotti 20mm guns, and so these will be a nice change of pace from the usual type of play. Top speed is 41 kts, or 47 mph.

Rank III:


VB-76 Maior Constantin Ene - BR 2.3

Class: Armored Gunboat

The VB-76 class of gunboats was built between 1973 and 1977 to act as a river patrol and coastal support ship. Armed with a 76mm ZiS-3 gun in the main turret and two MR2N twin 14.5mm heavy machine gun mounts (Romanian ZPU-2s), they were capable of providing lots of fire support. They also could carry mines as well as a pair of 81mm mortars, though I believe they were only stowed for use once a landing force had reached the shore. The ZiS-3 has many shells to offer, and though this is an armored gunboat with lots of firepower, the machine gun turrets are open-topped, so it fits well at 2.3. Speed is 17 kts, or 20 mph.


NMS Sborul (WWII Refit) - BR 2.7

Class: Torpedo Boat

Originally an Austro-Hungarian torpedo boat, she was given to Romania as reparations for WWI in 1920 along with several other ships. Armed with a pair of Skoda 7cm L/30 guns (actually 66mm, but they round up to the nearest cm for naming) and two 450mm (18in) torpedoes, the Romanians added a pair of 20mm Oerlikons for WWII. Though the guns may be a bit weak compared to others around this BR, I believe the complete package sits well here. Speed is 28 kts or 32 mph.


VD-149 Paul Apostolescu (2003 Refit) - BR 2.7

Class: Minesweeper

This class of boats serves two roles: river patrol and minesweeping. Initially put together in 1977, this refit in 2003 upgraded a variety of elements, including the armament. The main armament is a twin-barrel 30mm M1980/88 AA gun. Developed by Romania as a ground-based anti-aircraft gun on a towed mount, they also serve as naval guns. At the rear of the boat is a quad 14.5mm MR4N mount (Romanian ZPU-4). It can also carry twelve mines on two rails. Its powerful armament is offset by its very slow speed of 13 kts (15 mph).

Rank IV:


NMS Democrația (Mid-life Refit) - BR 3.3

Class: Minesweeper

NOTE: The image above is of a later refit of this ship. I couldn’t find any photos of her with this specific refit - only diagrams. But I do know that this was indeed a configuration for the better part of 20 years.

Initially based on the German M40-class of minesweepers, Romania could not complete this class of ships due to WWII. They were not finished until the early 1950s. Despite this, they received many updates over the years and saw service all the way into 2001. This particular refit was the configuration they had from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. The armament consisted of three twin 37mm V-11 gun mounts capable of laying down loads of fire. They also have two twin 14.5mm mounts for good measure. To top it all off, it features two depth charge launchers and space for 50 mines. However, it can only hit speeds of 17 kts (20 mph).


NMS Sublocotenent Ghiculescu (WWII) - BR 3.3

Class: Gunboat

Four of these class of ships were sold to Romania from France in 1920. Configured as part of the Friponne-class, she features two 100mm Hotchkiss Mle. 1891 guns as her main armament. These were augmented in WWII with four 20mm Oerlikon cannons for air defense. Two 400mm depth charge throwers are also present. Not too fast at 15 kts (17 mph), but reasonable for a ship of this type. This class was not stricken until 2002!


NMS Amiral Murgescu (Late-war Refit) - BR 3.7

Class: Minesweeper

Now we get to the real fun stuff! Perhaps the most important Romanian coastal vessel of the entire Second World War, NMS Amiral Murgescu served throughout the entire war up until 1944 when she was captured by the Soviets. She was responsible for sinking or assisting in sinking multiple vessels, and she was the pride of the Romanian Navy, being the largest ship yet built in Romania. By the later part of the war, she had a significant armament and was a force to be reckoned with. Her primary armament was two 105mm SK C/32 naval guns from Germany. secondary and AA guns include two 37mm M1939 (FlaK 36) autocannons, four 20mm Oerlikons, and two twin 13.2mm Hotchkiss M1939 heavy machine gun mounts. She could also carry 65 depth charges and/or 135 mines! Imagine the area denial! Her speed is quite slow though at 16 kts/18 mph.


Smârdan (F-178) - BR 4.0

Class: River Monitor

Probably my favorite in the entire tree, this is one of the two classes of river monitor currently in use by Romania in the Danube Flotilla. Introduced in 1990, it is heavily armed and well-armored, capable of taking lots of hits and serving an equal amount of them back! The main gun is the A430, the naval version of the Romanian M1977 anti-tank gun. This gun is derived from Russian 100mm designs such as the D-10, BS-3, and T-12. This version is by far more modern, and it is capable of using modern types of ammo (though I doubt APFSDS and GL-ATGMs would be of much use here). The turret it is mounted in is derived from the TR-85. Flanking the main gun are two turrets from TAB-77 APCs, each mounting a 14.5mm KPVT and 7.62mm PKT. Just behind the pilot house are two MR4N quadruple 14.5mm turrets, and finally a twin 30mm M1980/88 on the stern. But wait, there’s more! Hidden inside the hull between the pilot house and 30mm turret are a pair of retractable 40-tube 122mm rocket launchers inspired by the BM-21 Grad! These can swivel 360 degrees and are capable of laying down a MASSIVE amount of suppressive rocket artillery (and also function as gigantic ammo racks). As you might expect from such a well-armed and armored boat, her speed is only around 16 kts/18 mph.

Rank V:


Mihail Kogălniceanu (F-45) - BR 4.3

Class: River Monitor

The successor of the Smârdan-class, the best features are retained and improved upon, creating a larger and more powerful monitor. Introduced in 1993, this ship adds a second 100mm gun to the stern, with the extended pilot house forcing the two MLRS units to be mounted on its roof. Also on the roof are two M1980/88 30mm twin mounts, with a pair of quad 14.5mm mounts flanking the forward turret and replacing the TAB-77 turrets. It also features two quad mounts for the CA-94 MANPADS - a local variant of the Strela-2M. These MANPADS are also found on the Smârdan, though not in the special quad mount (as far as I can tell). Probably not a good idea to implement these just yet! She cruises along at a reasonable 21 kts (24 mph).


Contraamiral Eustațiu Sebastian (F-264) - BR 4.3

Class: Corvette

The first of the two big ships to round out the line! This mighty ship features a main armament that may be a little weak, but she more than makes up for it in secondaries! Laid down in 1983, only two of the proposed four of her class were completed, with the remaining hulls awaiting the trip to the scrapyard. Her main weapon is the 76mm AK-176 naval gun. A small caliber for this BR, but it is rapid-firing to make up for it. Where she shines is in her secondary weapons. She mounts no fewer than four 30mm AK-630 CIWS turrets, one at each corner of the superstructure. These provide a complete 360-degree arc of protection against anything in the skies and on the seas intending to damage her, though they overheat and run out of ammo fast. For additional weapons she can carry four 533mm torpedoes in two twin launchers (one per side) and a pair of RBU-6000 rocket mortars just aft of her main gun. She tops out at 24 kts, or 27 mph.


Amiral Petre Bărbuneanu (F-260) - BR 4.7

Class: Corvette

The final ship in this sub-tree! Initially laid down in 1983, only two of the four ships of her class still remain in service. All four were completed, but two have since been stricken. Large and imposing, this ship is armed with two twin 76mm AK-726 mounts with one at the bow and one at the stern. This is a major step up in armament from the previous ship (though ironically this ship came before it temporally). It trades this for poorer secondary weapons, with only a pair of 30mm twin AK-230s and a pair of 14.5mm quad MR4Ns. Lastly, it carries two pairs of 533mm torpedo tubes and two RBU-2500 rocket mortars. Same speed as the prior ship: 24 kts (27 mph).

Thank you so much for checking this out! Please share any thoughts, questions, or suggestions in the comments, and share this wherever you can. Please also check out my other suggestions, and have a wonderful day!



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And all the other written sources these web sources used (quite a lot, in fact!)


-1. I don’t think it’s needed, as Italy has their own vessels of all types that could be added instead.

Sub-tech trees are just as much about including a more nations that coundnt stand alone in game, than it is about improving the tree its added to

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+1, i voted Italy, tho now that i think of it, i personally think france would be a better option, because throughout there history, both have had a solid relationship, and French equipment, made up a huge percentage of Romanian weapons in the Interwar era. (Would have changed my vote to “other” but the forums wont let me)

I dont think Germany would be nearly as good a choice as italy or france, because tho their relationship seems solid now, durint WW2, there alligence was more done out of despiration to counter the looming Soviet threat.

And SU would arguably be worse because they were only allies with them due to occupation

As for Italy, tho its relationship with them is strong, i think the addition of Hungary complicates it a bit, since neither side has been too friendly since Romania took Transylvania in WW1


My reasoning behind Italy came down to two things:

  1. There are already Romanian vehicles in the Italian tree (premiums for now, but hopefully more eventually).
  2. Italy built many of Romania’s early coastal and bluewater ships.

Additionally, Italy’s coastal tree is by far the weakest, and it really could use these boats to boost its capability.


Hey this looks great

I just think the rank 1 vehicle looks a bit under armed are you sure there isn’t a better option?

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There really aren’t a whole lot of options down at that BR, unfortunately. But, to be honest, a 3-pdr and a 20mm Oerlikon should work fine there. The 20mm especially will easily shred any enemy, and the 3-pdr, while not the best cannon out there, should be acceptable way down at 1.3. If you happen to find a better option though, please let me know!

Yeah, got nothing (maybe Hungarian ships could fill the gaps?). Would you considers doing entries for the Romanian blue water ship?

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I’ve got quite the backlog of vehicles, but I’ll look into it!

no thanks

Could the Brătianu-class river monitor fit somewhere in the tree?

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Now that I’m done with college for the semester, I plan on revising this a bit and adding that one. I struggled to find enough info to make it a reasonable addition, but I’ll do what I can.