Rocket-Pods shoot wrong amount of rockets

There is an issue that bothers me and I am sure it can be fixed easily.

When using custom loadouts and especially asymmetric ones there is a problem with shooting rockets like FZ49, Mighty Mouse ETC.

This picture shows two different custom loadouts. 1. is a symmetric loadout with two pods of FZ49 Rockets. 2. is a asymmetric loadout with only one pod of rockets.

Lets say you have two pods of rockets on your helicopter/plane (1) and press the key to shoot a rocket once. Both of your launchers will shoot a rocket each, which is okay, but could be better. But if you use a loadout like (2) in the picture your pod will launch 2 rockets per pressed key. This also happens when you use assymetric loadouts with three rocket-pods. But in this case it happens that two pods will launch a rocket both each time until they are empty and then the third pod will shoot two rockets each time the key is pressed (depending on the pylons the pods are on). This should be fixed.

In reality it is possible to shoot from a single pod and single rockets from them. I think it should be possible in this game, too.