Rocket plume invisible on most atgms

I dont know if its just me, but when firing many atgms like tows or the at11 sniper on russian mbts, the rocket plume doesnt render during flight. Is this on purpose or just a visual bug that no one really cares to address? also, the tracer effects are really wierd now, and barely show up in thermal view anymore. I cant tell if this is what gaijin was going for, or if the whole atgm fx is just messed up rn

ATGMs such as TOWs don’t have smoke trails imgame because they don’t have them IRL.

Not the smoke trail, the actual flame frome the atgm itself

Ah. That seems like a bug.

which is a shame because a couple updates ago they did a very nice overhaul of the rocket effects but they dont show up for me at least.

Please report it.