Rocket launcher 3D decoration(create another copy?)

can developers create two styles for this rocket launcher.
one of them has bracket, as seen now. and the other one doesn’t, I can put it in the storage basket.
these two items can be sold simultaneously, maximizing the use of existing materials

additionally, looking forward to joining more rocket launchers in the game as they are very attractive


Currently, there is only one fictional rocket launcher in the game that can be placed in the storage basket. It would be even better if there was a real one.
I will obtain Gustav and PF89

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luxury lineup

Would be nice if Gaijin adds this rocket launcher, tested by some argentine former president

President of Argentina Mauricio Macri with an anti-tank rocket launcher (Swedish anti-tank Carl Gustaf M4)

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this should be a later version of Gustav

it is

i forgot if this is already added or what

It has just joined the game, but there is only one early version available