ROCAF & PLAAF aircraft improvements & general discussion

Hello, this is a thread to post what ROCAF or PLAAF aircraft could be improved with historical weaponry and what’s wrong with current aircraft. This is to pool information and gain interest so materials for reports can be gathered.

Also what aircraft/ variants you want to see in the game for either the ROCAF or PLAAF lines.

Aircraft that could have improvements (I’ll mainly be posting about ROCAF)
Hawk III - 1 x 0.50 cal in place of a 7.62
I-15- 1 x 0.50 cal in place of a 7.62
D.510C- HS-12Ybrs instead of HS-12Xbrs
V-11 - internal bomb rack?, 20 x 14kg bombs, 1,135lb bomb, 10 x 125lb bomb, 3 x 285lb bomb, 2 x 625lb bomb.
P-47D-30- airbrake
F-84G & F-86F- Napalm
F-100A- AIM-9J/N/P
F-104G- 2000lb bomb, various LAU rocket launchers, AIM-9P4, CD-1 chaff diespenser
F-5E- AIM-9P4
F-16A MLU- AIM-9P4 for stock missiles, AIM-9M instead of AIM-9L, 120 countermeasures instead of 90, AN/ALQ-184(V)7, AN/ALE-50, AIM-120C-5,7


I think that add pl-5e for j-7e and j-8b can make them better in 11.0 and won‘t be too op.


I’d really like to see a J-10 Early with a load-out of PL-8s and PL-11s so we can see a native Chinese counterpart to the MiG-29 and F-16.


I wonder PL-8A with IRCCM, really ?

PL-5E replace both 2x PL-5B & 4x PL-5B, and PL-2 replace by PL-8 or PL-8A on J-7E but not sure move to rank VIII & increase BR 11.7 ?

J-8B take PL-8 and up to 11.3 is enough

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More WW2 era planes

Kwangsi type 3 (has leading edge slats)




XP-1 (forward swept gull wing fighter)





Top tier ROCAF aircraft still to come:

F-5E Tiger 2000




Mirage 2000-5EI

F-16V (F-16A block 20 to F-16V standard w/ F100-PW-229 (I’ve seen it also referred to as F-16AM))

F-16V (F-16C block 70 w/ F110-GE-129)


You guess dev consider upgrade F-16A Block 20 MLU in tech tree add 2 LANTIRN pods (AN/AAQ-19 Sharpshooter targeting pod & AN/AAQ-20 Pathfinder navigation pod), GBU-10/GBU-12 Paveway II, AIM-9P replace by AIM-9P4, AIM-9M replace AIM-9L, AGM-65G-2 Maverick & AIM-120 AMRAAM after Q2 this year ?

I hope so, all of those things seem possible late this year or early next year. AIM-9P4’s are long overdue.

They may skip right to AIM-120C-5’s for the F-16A MLU since they’re going to add the PL-12 for the J-8F. Then AIM-120C-7’s shortly after.

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You guess 2 LANTIRN pods (AN/AAQ-19 Sharpshooter targeting pod & AN/AAQ-20 Pathfinder navigation pod), GBU-10/GBU-12 Paveway II dev add these next quarter ?

And dev consider AIM-9P-4 replace AIM-9P & AIM-9L replace with AIM-9M this year ?

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It seems possible. LANTIRN more than likely this year, AIM-9M as well, but devs seem like they’re averse to adding AIM-9P4

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+1 to this. I would also like to see other WW2 designs such as:

Curtis H-75M: Fixed undercarriage version of the venerable P-36 which was used by ROCAF against Japan:

Curtiss H-75A-5: It would fit nicely before the CW-21 in the tree, as both are Curtiss-Wright products. H-75A-5 could be BR 2.0-2.3


F-CK-1A MLU and F-CK-1C seem that are same thing now, right?

F-CK-1A MLU upgrade F-CK-1A similar to F-CK-1C standard, I think F-CK-1A fill gap between F-CK-1A & F-CK-1C

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It is mentioned in these two topics that both seem to be referred to as F-CK-1C, their abilities are also the same, so I think it’s best to keep only one.

I made this, and I think the future of Chinese TT will be similar, of course, the specific details depend on Gaijin.


In game they can be most likely referred to as F-CK-1C (early) and F-CK-1C.

Only main difference being conformal fuel tanks for the F-CK-1C (early). This one can be a squad, event or premium vehicle. Or can also go in the the tech tree under a folder since gaijin is more pro foldering now.

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Yeah, they will do it.

WIP Chinese tech tree I’ve been making on and off

BR’s are just place holders.


Ahhh, Why F-16A Block 20 move to rank IX ? and AIDC AT-3 & AT-3B to rank VI ?

AIDC AT-5 it’s new supersonic jet trainer/ light multirole combat aircraft for ROCAF ?

Actually J-7G better J-7M but why J-7G under J-7M ?