[RoadMap] Following the Roadmap: Compensation of Battle Expenses, Free Backups and More!

Maybe it doesn’t belong here, but since last update and new implements, mid/hard daily missions are broken. I got the one to do 36 crits, and after 3 missions with different lineups, no crits were registered, even though I had many. So… anybody else having a similar situation with them missions?

We just noticed, entire RP thing is based on the flight time after the last update and decreased the actual rewards by a lot. After the last update, what is happening is most likely what happened with the ground battels to the Air battles now. This is not a flight simulator. This is war game. We should be rewarded based on bases we killed, assists, kill count and ground targets etc… Not how long we flight… This was changed after the last update. This should be fixed as soon as possible.

I have example games, 2 kills + base bomb + some ground targets in Air RB gives 10k RP and it was at least 20K before the last update. I think Gaijin is fooling us again…

There is no single possibility for me to stay alive 2 minutes on the game as going to bomb a base is taking at least 5 to 7 minutes… You either destroyed the time calculation or there is another thing that you are trying to do.

For a base bomb and %200 RP booster I got only 5k because I died after a bombing the base. The game results say I stayed alive 2 minutes. How? F5-C slowest premium jet ever goes and drops a bomb in 2 minutes? The jet I use is F5-C + premium acc. Those rewards for the last 2 days are like a freaking joke.

I’ve got a little question:
It was posted that Premium Players would be protected from suffering SL losses after a bad game.
Am i right that costs of damaged Vehicles are “insured” and therefore covered, but costs resulting from spend Ammo is not?
If i am right i have found a way for bad or unlucky players to get broke anyways…

…and yes, my english is not the best… I beg your pardon :)

Plane RP rewards being nerfed instead of buffing Tank RP rewards to equalize them would be so Gaijin.

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([quote=“Bruce_R1, post:10, topic:10524”]
So this was hidden

Only one person needs to flag. As you have done you edit to remove the flag. If flagged again a mod will check it and agree (the flag) or if not might come down hard on the false flagger. )

By default on Discourse systems it’s 3 flags to hide, if they’ve lowered the default to one that would be very dumb.

The only hard consequences I’m aware of on Discourse systems is your likes, etc are discounted in promotion algorithms if your user record indicates you’re a false flagger. Moderators have said absolutely nothing to date that they discourage false flagging or don’t want to see it. What they said, again, was: “When you see bad behavior, don’t reply… Flag it.” No definition of what we should flag more specific than that. And so, here we are.

I got the idea about “mods will check it” from the flag message we get (so far none of mine upheld, some oik saying I’m Advertising something), mentions how they handle it after you edit it once (opportunity to remove offensive words etc).

Only one of mine was contested where someone false flagged me again after an edit (added an extra full stop).

Hopefully it all works out, sorry for the derail.

Nah, ammo is also covered in the (SL Insurance), do you have auto refill for ammo on?

Yes, i have. But you may see in my screenshot that the ammo was not refunded.

Honestly wondering if this is a typo, or if this was a different problem from yours that WAS fixed. From today’s changelog: “An error that caused the compensation for expenses to not count the automatic purchase of “Crew replenishment” after a battle has been fixed.”

Has long you go positive like the 200sl for you
The insurance doesn’t do anything at all

That’s why you need automated repair/ammo refill on

Length of match has played a role in air RB since at least 2018.

Bug was fixed already.

I am not saying it didn’t play role. It definitely should play role and give more rewards to people who survive and add more affect to battle. I believe we agree on that. I notice this in the game, I drop bombs most of the time for grinding and new to game I don’t know how it was in 2018. What I know is, before the patch base kill was giving around 3-4k RP and if you had around 1k points in game you were getting around 10k RP even if you died after 5 minutes. Now, do the same thing you get max 3k.

When I finish the game I see the battle log. Seeing that battle log pisses me off because If I don’t do anything kill couple ground targets and fly like a moron in the map from one side to other, I will probably get more RP than a person who killed 2 people and died after that in the first 5 minutes.

So this is wrong, whatever you say, whenever you say, it is just wrong.

If I kill 4 people in battle kill a base and got only 5k RP for those actions but for surviving and having %99 activity game gives me 22k RP for survival time only, this is wrong mate. If I fly for 10min with couple of ground targets I will have %41 percent activity and got 14k RP because I survive longer.

For some reason I started feeling this even more that my rewards are being cut down by a lot after the recent update.

Nobody wants to investigate this. Gaijin dev says nothing was changed, you are saying bug was fixed in 2018. But again no body wants to investigate. Rather they flag my post :D It is just ridiculous.

I get the same amount of RP as I got 3 months ago personally.
Mig-23BN is the control since it’s my favorite bomber right now.

I was saying the premium SL insurance bug was fixed.

The game’s features exist to incentivize match play time.
Maybe those features aren’t helping as much as they should, but without them players would leave matches even faster.

Also Gaijin staff doesn’t flag posts; Flagging is exclusively a player feature.


The fact both of you admit to posting illegitimate reviews on Steam is a bit sad.


Dude, I see the feedback being actioned on.
Maybe some of my feedback will get thrown out, but that’s the thing… not all ideas are good ideas.
Some ideas are vastly unpopular.
One of my ideas was very wrong with what most players wanted, and I have to deal with that guilt.

So all I can do is accept what the devs are doing, and see the direct line of communication worked.
I even disagree with some of the Roadmap stuff, but it’s what the community wanted so I’ll adapt to it.

Accusing people of random things won’t help you learn things.

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Thing is the First is more a you problem than a game problem
Don’t live in Australia and/or use wifi. Worse Mobile hotspots or anything else not based on a Cable

Map rotation is Indeed busted but shouldn’t be that hard to fix seams like the random generator is having issues or not working at all in air-RB I got the same maps everytime I playd at a certain time of the day

Nope Gost Shells are mostly player side (or rater between gaijins Servers and your computer whit the last mile usually being the problem)

Shells hitting and then disappear or doing no damage that’s gaijins problem but the Common Gost shells is becouse of bad internet connection
Unless it’s one of the hitbox issues which happen in the same place or situation everytime

Are you playing on the American server? I think I heard somewhere that it has more issues than the European one

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Ghost shells happen to everyone more for people with high ping. We are still far from how bad ghost shells used to be. I play daily and can count all the ghost shells I’ve had this year with one arm.
Gaijin has done great job making ghost shells really rare.

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Using pure RNG would end the map preferences feature entirely.