RktPzr HOT no longer hits its targets

In my last match, on European Province, we had the “big map” option and we started on the right side. I spawned my Rktpzr HOT, which is normally very effective on the south side on the crest of the hill near spawn.

In this case, I could not hit a single target. With the new guidance system, the missiles no longer follow the line of sight. Instead, they fly a little bit to one side or the other.

About half way through the match, I wanted to remove a pesky tree. I lined up my crosshairs perfectly. The first three shots all went wide to the left, about three or four crosshairs width (ie, a little but, but enough to miss). I then adjusted my aim to the right by the same amount to compensate. This time it flew about the same amount to the right of the crosshairs instead of the left.

Of the four or five shots I fired, not one followed the crosshair, they were all off to one side or the other.

Moreover, in spite of me not moving at all, and my aim only moving pixels at most, the missiles flew out of the launcher in a different direction. The first flew up above my tank at about a 10 degree up angle, the next flew out to the right, and the next two mostly straight out the front.

I should also note that at no time was I trying to maneuver the missiles, I simply put the crosshair on the target and fired. If you do attempt to maneuver it, which is precisely what the HOT2 was invented for (firing from moving helicopters against moving tanks) the missile sort of “swims around” on both sides of the crosshair making it very difficult to impossible to hit moving targets.

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Yep, missile nerfs have made playing missile carriers so unbelievably difficult. Some say to not play them in close combat, but as you can see, it sucks on large open maps. Not to mention spaas with missile guidance also had this nerf applied to them.

Flawless and working as intended: