Rio de la Plata (Argentine-Brazilian-Uruguay) Tech Tree


Two new vehicles are added located in the Argentine Fighter and Bomber lines

  • F-16AM (BR: 13)
  • F-16BM (BR: 12.7)

Argentina just approved for the transfer of F-16’s from the Royal Danish Airforce to the Argentine Airforce a fortnight ago. This move is endorsed by the US and largely pushed by the US to stifle PRC Influence in Latin America


The new suggestion for the LR-1 (MU-2K) reminded me of something

Note: Argentine MU-2’s are most likely unarmed and in extension possibly never armed to begin with (though still theoretically possible). Still an interesting history of a rarely mentioned aircraft that Argentina operated none the less

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Aren’t they the same as the one China has?

Marruá truck w/ RBS 70 NG on it’s back.