Rio de la Plata (Argentine-Brazilian-Uruguay) Tech Tree

Massive update:

The air TT now has images now with the cards plus some massive changes

Tier I

New vehicles

  • Curtis A-3 Falcon: 2 variants, one with a inline D-12 and the other with a Radial Cyclone engine
  • Floatplane variants of the Vought V-65 & V-66 [V-65F (H) & V-66B (H)]: Foldered with the other V-65/V-66’s
  • J2F-6 “Duck”
  • Curtiss CW-14B Osprey
  • Ro.37 bis
  • P2Y-3A: Foldered with the other starter TT Argentine Operated heavy floatplanes
  • Junkers W 34hi: Foldered with the Junkers K.43
  • Supernarine Seagull (Premium/Ship deployable)
  • Fairley Gordon (H)(Gift/Ship deployable)
  • Dewoitine D.25 (Event)
  • Hawk II

Other changes

  • NA-16 removed and replaced with the Curtiss CW-14B
  • AT-6 moved to Tier II

Tier II

New Vehicles

  • P-40K-15: Foldered with the P-40M
  • TBF-1C: Foldered with the Avenger AS.4
  • A-20K-15 (Hard Nose)
  • Hurricane Mk.IV (Premium)
  • A-20C (Premium)

Other changes

  • A-20K is now specified to be the “A-20K-10” and is the soft nose variant
  • SM.79B & A-28A swapped places
  • PBM-5 Moved to Tier III

Tier III

New Aircraft

  • F-40N
  • F6F-5
  • PC-7U
  • B-34 Ventura: Foldered with the PV-1 Harpoon
  • RP-47B (Premium)
  • B-25J-25 (Premium)

Other changes

  • T-28S Fennec moved to the Naval line and foldered with the T-28P
  • Both S-2 Trackers moved to Tier IV

Tier IV

New vehicles

  • A-26C
  • Cavalier Mustang II
  • B-26C
  • C-130 TC-68 (Event)
  • IA-58 (2nd Brigada Aerea) (Premium)
  • TF-51D Cavalier Mustang (Pre-order)

Other Changes

  • A-26A Removed, B-26B changed to A-26B

Tier V

New Vehicles

  • AT-33A
  • Cl-133 AT/AN: Foldered with the AT-33A
  • F-80C-5

Other Changes

  • F-80C now specified to be the F-80C-10
  • TT I.Ae 33 is now specified to be the 5th prototype while the premium is specified to be the 4th prototype

Tier VI

New vehicles

  • Mirage IIIDBR
  • Mirage 5DM: Foldered with the Mirage IIIDBR, both aircraft are supposed to represent pre-upgrade Mirage III’s operated by Brazil

Tier VII

Other Changes

  • AF-1B replaced with AF-1C

The first Camoes will also be added into the Camouflage section, starting with the TT IA-63 Pampa’s & AF-1

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RBS70 Mk1. Mk2 and NG

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Ae Mo1
Engine: Wright Whirlwingh E-760
Power: 240hp
Armament: 1x 7.65 Madsen for ofensive, 1x 7.65 madesen in the back turret and 4 10kg bombs
Nothing very impresive but it could go to 1.0


new suggestion


I think that instead of having made a “Rio de la Plata”, you could have made a “Southern Cone” better, adding in this way Chile that would help fill in the spaces, especially of higher BRs, which is the main problem of the idea that you show here, also culturally Argentina and Chile have more in common than Bolivia and Argentina for example. Also historically, Argentina, Brazil and Chile have been the main military powers of Latin America.

Southern Cone

I think that instead of having made a “Rio de la Plata”, you could have made a “Southern Cone” better

No, Chile does not get along with any of it’s neighbours and they have way closer ties to Israel and the United Kingdom than to most other Latin American nations. Chile sided with the UK in the Falklands war, the only Latin American country to do so. Chile also have either wars or almost had wars with all of their neighbours at one point. In effect being a better fit for Israel Anyways. If anything the addition of Bolivia makes the addition of Chile even less valid. The only other real option is actually Peru not Chile

Currently relations with Argentina are good, and there has never been a war between us, only almost conflicts like any other country in the world, just like with Peru relations are good, only with Bolivia things are tense due to the issue of exit to the sea but it is nothing serious either. And if you want to add Bolivia, why do you put “Rio de la Plata” in the title? What does Bolivia or Brazil have to do with that? If literally the River Plate is made up only of Argentina and Uruguay

Even here they also mentioned it to you, I think you should fix the title

I respect your opinion, it is totally valid.

If I can give my opinion, with great respect I will say, that we should not mix geopolitical issues with the game. In any case, a combined TT could be proposed and see what the community thinks. I mean, communist China shares TT with nationalist China. Latin America shares common ties and origins, we have a common history. Culturally speaking we are one nation. If there was a possibility of a Latin American TT, Chile should not be in an Israeli TT in any way.


And I will argue my opinion here, hidden as an oftopic. A military regime, such as that of Pinochet, does not represent the trans-Andean people. Rather, the support for the UK, a regrettable issue by the way, is also due to certain previous tensions between both countries, tensions also caused by our regrettable military junta in relation to the Beagle conflict.

At least our Chilean friend here painted the Malvinas green.

And I don’t say this because Chile is essential, in short we are still without an MBT at the higher level, which is increasingly moving away from our capabilities.

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Some people who are not from Latin America believe that Chileans and Argentines are mortal enemies or something like that when in reality it is not like that, the countries of Latin America share many things, not only the language but also the culture, and as the Argentine friend said, those things of the past were decisions of the dictatorships of the time, not of the people and have a deeper historical context. If Chile one day manages to have something in the game, priority number 1 would be with the other Latin American countries, since there is a brotherhood among Latin Americans.

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A news story from yesterday talking about the good relations between the Argentine army and the Chilean army. And just like this news, there are many more about combined operations between both countries.

I woudnt mind chile also being on the tree but i think there should be a poll to know the general opinión

Here is a prototype of the Helicopter TT, there will be more Helicopters added before being official

2023-11-16 17_53_51-Window

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Cascavel NG (+ATGM)

Cascavel TORC30

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@AspandaIV You guess columbian, chilean, venezuelan, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Paraguayan and Bolivian might be part of this tech tree ?

Most likely no for Chile Columbia, Ecuador & Venezuela. Columbia and Chile are better fit as a sub-tree for Israel alongside El-Salvador and Honduras. Ecuador doesn’t offer anything new or interesting. Finally Venezuela doesn’t really fit.

Paraguay would fit perfectly except for one small problem, they do not offer much if not anything at all since most if not all of their vehicles are also operated by their neighbours with nothing notable about them to differentiate them, except for maybe a Ba.65. Bolivia has a similar problem but at least they offer some interesting aircraft mostly in the form of foreign/export vehicles we don’t have in game (e.g: Cavalier Mustang & Cl-133) or domestic upgrades of foreign vehicles (e.g: CW-14B & Junkers W-34) which is already represented in the TT

Because of that it only leaves Peru being the only other realistic option, they do have a lot more vehicles to offer than Paraguay and Bolivia combined and they have quite a few interesting vehicles. I do have to prototype a TT with Peruvian vehicles to see what it would look like

As an air main, I’d personally combine the arg/ur line and Brazil line into one fighter line, and only keep the most unique aircraft per tier. I’d take a smaller tree if the percentage of interesting and unique vehicles goes up.

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Speaking of Peruvian vehicles, I heard that some of Peru’s T-55’s were upgraded by TENSA, an Argentine firm or the very least prototyped/proposed in the 1990’s, the rest were upgraded by Ukrainian expertise

I can see where you are getting, I may also add that the Fighter lines are also lop-sided in comparison to their Bomber and especially their Ground Attack lines. Not too surprising if you consider the air doctrine of most if not all of Latin America’s airforces, they focus more on COIN & Ground Attack/CAS roles than Air Superiority

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