Rigged "rewards"

Im curious if Anyone has ever gotten a vehicle or anything good, from one of those login chests (that you get like… every 90 days, or so, i forget the exact time frame). Where it shows the blueprints for vehicles, but always lands on SL or… like 3 backups.

Also what about Talismans? Back when i played bottom tier/just starting the game, i would get the random talismans from end of battle chests or the finished a Special task chests, from time to time (still extremely rare tho)

But now its been like… 2 years and i havnt gotten a talisman (all the talismans i got were for vehicles rank II and lower… and im thinking they simply do NOT give them out/it is disabled to get them for free for vehicles that are rank 3 and above…)

Has anyone ever gotten a Free/reward talisman for any vehicle, above rank 3?

Yes, people are getting vehicles from it.
No, they are not rigged. You simply have small chance to get premium vehicle for daily login.
If you want to discuss daily login rewards, please use already crate threads, where players already list what they got.