RiderR2 suspicious Bug Reports

a User on the Bug report forum is going on a FM nerfing spree and on one of His bug reports which is this One to be exact:
Screenshot 2024-05-21 205549
is really sketchy imo, he says his sources is based off the Flight manual but he doesn’t really show anything from the flight manual but rather he show this picture :

now i don’t know if he posted this picture to show he has the flight manual or to show that he toke his sources from the flight manual but his source is still not shown and when i searched up the Book ,the picture he sent is actually from a website and this is it compared to the picture he sent.

the exact same one, so if he showed the picture to show that he has a physical copy of the flight manual than he lied be cause that’s the exact same picture just copy pasted.
and if he sent this picture to show that he toke his sources from the flight Manual and it’s like typing(I toke my sources from the flight manual) than that still doesn’t change the fact that all this is claims and real sources were never shown to back it up.


dont worry all sources accepted are verified by the devs using their own sources


if this becomes a wide phenomena then im actually in support of this.
we could use a bit slower gameplay

EDIT: Smin is here…


For your, and everybody’s information:



If the reports weren’t valid, they would be rejected. Credit where credit is due. Gaijin is thorough. Maybe too thorough. When It comes to bug reports



The report contains multiple relevant pages from the manual and are attached in the historical files section. These are not visible to you as they are shared only between the creator of the report and staff. If you check the report out, you will see this notice:

This indicates there are files attached you cannot see.

The user shared the front cover of the manual which is something they are required to do to identify the source with us. They are not required to publicly share its contents. Our dev team check and confirm all sources themselves to validate they are legitimate and that the data in the report is also correct.

So there is nothing suspicious about this bug report.

Hope that clarifies.