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During 2002 the Industrial and Automotive Design (IAD) from South Africa set out to developed a compact and agile mine-protected 4x4 vehicle known as the FV4 “Iguana” for the Belgium defence firm Sabiex as part of a private venture for the export market. During 2009 BAE Land Systems OMC from South Africa acquired the intellectual property of the FV4 “Iguana” from Sabiex, now labeled the RG34 and becoming part of the RG family of vehicles. BAE Land Systems OMC developed various RG34 variants, such as an armed scout equipped with the TRT-25 turret, a fire support variant equipped with an Eland-90 turret and a tank destroyer variant equipped with the ALRRT-4M turret. For this forum post we will focus on the RG34 fitted with the ALRRT-4M turret (Armed, Long-Range, Reconnaissance Turret). The ALRRT-4M is a stabilised reconnaissance turret with the capability to carry four ZT3 ATGM launchers or two ZT3 ATGM launchers and a 7.62mm machine gun. The turrets also allow for fire on the move and features full day and night capabilities coupled to automatic target tracking.




Main armament: ZT3A2 Ingwe ATGM Launcher

Secondary armament: one 7.62mm MG (Optional)

Elevation angels: -10, +25

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, loader)

Weight: 9,9t

Engine: Turbocharged intercooled

Horsepower: 215hp (160kW)

Gearbox: five-speed (automatic)

Top Speed: 105km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes


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Secondary sources:

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