Rework on the Base system.

[Would you like to see Bigger bases that require cooperations implemented in Air battle (across all mode)?]
  • Yes, in ALL map that has Bases as a part of it’s gameplay loop.
  • Yes, But only in EC Style Map
  • No
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per this day the way base bombing work is as following;

4 bases in set location in the middle of the map spawned, with HP equivalent of 1 plane worth of rocket or bomb. usually this means only the fastest plane with less drag can actually kill the bases, leaving other bomber with 2 option, either to circle to further base/ wait out the base to respawn or to just abandon their bombload altogether, being fed to the enemy because they’re either too slow to run away or their armament is too useless to fight back.

Well well time to change.

With this new system, there will only be 2 (Two) bases per side.

Reduction? Not really

Several terms and condition applies, of which;

  1. that the base will be made larger, approx 4 whole grid in standard sized map (surprised?) that will be separated into sections.

  2. Each sections will be able to tank 2 or so plane worth of bombload (using F-16 as the standard plane). it means a phantom can decimate a sections by itself if using 4 set of Hydra.

  3. The destruction of 1 section will get you about 10% - 75% of the old base reward depending on how much did you participate.

  4. Destroying all 4 section will give you 50% of the old base reward if you participate in the base destruction (counted based off the amount of bomb / rocket you drop on each section). Combined with the destroyed section you can get up to 125% of the old base reward.

  5. situation in point 4 can only happen IF base is totally destroyed, it is advised to work together to achieve total base destruction.

  6. if Gaijin wants to make it more dynamic, it can be made so that small base that gives 50% old base reward pops up at random spot on the map and gives player another rewarding part of the gameplay loop to take part in. Otherwise the base will stay.

Like this, the player doesn’t have to kill each other just to play, and adding another element to the gameplay loop will make sure that there’s more that would be motivated to keep the game going on longer and present better “Avg hours played” number in stat website like steamdb.

Win for both player and corporate side.


Oh yes, that’s a thing we need. In real life, we need a whole dozen of planes to make a bomb run.

The current system map and base is above being bad. it’s the worst system I’ve ever seen in videos game in the history. always the same thing. 4 base and 6 F4S to bomb those 4 base and not mention the bombers like F111A and others. I’m asking war thunder team. WHY NOT you make those 4 base needs 2 planes to take out. for example if one base in BR 10 to 12 needs 4000 of TNT to be destroyed we increase that number to 12000 TNT in order to destroyed that base. when you make that you will make players love to do more team work and above all the hate and team killing problems. why not make the players love the team work more and stop being selfish. if 2 planes work on one base and they both get 50% of the total score that base give everyone will be more than happy to work as team.
In short my suggestion is
1 - at last 10000 TNT per base to help the team work more
2 - MAKE BIGGER MAPS IN ALL MODS from BR 9.3 to 12.7
The match always end within 4 mins. no fun in that. I play in Realistic mod all the time and I never feel anything realistic when the game end after 3 mins.

So going from destroying a munitions depot to commiting war crimes against a small town?
Sure, +1

I just want spawn points to act like Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s), that can:

  • Replenish ammo, smoke, crew, etc. Just like cap points do.
  • Have some kind of AI AT guns, in the same way as air bases have AI AA guns. These could be destructible, giving further purpose to HE and MG’s, as well as not preventing spawn camping just slowing it down.
  • Allow players to change their vehicles without "J"ing out and counting as a vehicle destruction. Refunding all spawn points for that vehicle.

Important: Add also small but valuable targets especially in higher tiers that make the use of guided munitions an almost-necessity…

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Like SAM sites 👀

Might be a nice excuse to add ARAD weapons too

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