Reverting the HUD Changes

I know that Gaijin is constantly looking for new ways to improve and draw in new users. I feel that the change in HUD was actually a step backwards however. It’s very cartoony and minimalistic, almost like it came from a certain mobile game…

I can understand as a software engineer the desire to unify your design patterns across systems; however, I don’t think this was the right approach. I think since there is development servers, and a very large community willing to provide feedback - this should have been utilized first.

What are everyone else’s thoughts?


What I dont understand is why not give players the choice. Its 2024. There is no reason why every single element of the UI couldnt be adjusted to the players liking.

Every element should be individually toggle-able, move-able or even have adjustable opacity. New features like this just have an option to swap between new and old. If you dont like the new, just dont use it.


I liked the old design. I think the new one “hangs” too low. It gets too much in the space of the screen which I consider my “Battlescreen” - The part of the screen that should be clear and uncluttered so I can use peripheral vision to see enemie pixels moving


Yeah, id move it higher and reduce its opacity to 50-70%. Would be much nicer


I fully agree. I’d love if there was just a toggle for it and for you to be allowed to move it around and adjust the size.


This too. Changing the opacity of UI elements would be amazing. The vehicle cards being very slightly transparent is super irritating to me.

As can be seen in this image, the long sensor on the MiG-21PFM’s nose is slightly peeking through the Object 292’s card and it’s really irritating to me.

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Would be nice if War Thunder would implement (legal) modding better.
Never used Mods in War Thunder because it is not officially supported and I don’t want to lose my account.

War Gaming i.e. with World of Warships has a modding API that allows to change a generous amount of aspects, without interfering with gameplay, so there I have a custom mod for how the vehicle cards look and for my HUD too.

But well, I guess Gaijin won’t implement this. Too much work for no moneys. Happy players? Overrated.

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True, but that would need to be done because UI mods can get pretty broken. I think the ability to customize existing UI elements with stuff like position, opacity, size, and toggling them on and off is probably a more important thing to add first, before UI mods are focused on. Plus, UI mods can be someone dangerous purely because someone will definitely figure out how to mask a botting script in one.


AFAIK in WoWs the Modding API does not allow to give any input into the actual game and it does not give the mod the ability to see any information of the actual battlefield. So Wallhacks, Bots etc are not moddable via the API and would have to be created seperate, just as it is now.

But anyways, yeah, an option to customize the UI would be a nice start.

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