Revert SAM nerfs

I’d like to know how anyone at gaijin justified the sam nerfs for themselves.

I just played a game with the Flarakpz and you can’t hit any kind of maneuvering jet, because the missile moves like a drunk uncle.

Even with helicopters hovering in place, you can’t actually see the heli after launch, because the missile smokes like crazy. There is literally this 1 meter thick white smoke until few km or something.

Where is that smoke in the video i linked??


Roland’s are missing their 2 stage motor, the 2nd stage is essentially smokeless.

Missile smoke in general is a shit feature that you just have to play around, it’s not even that bad with SAMs since your target is generally fully visible and moving at a high speed but with ATGMs you can just hope that your target isn’t moving out of the way while you’re blind as hell

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I dont mid it if it historical. the Roland’s smoke in game isn’t and gives cas a huge advantage it shouldn’t have.

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