Reversing Into Combat

Is there any word on when Gijin will increase the damage for engine hits and put an end to hvt tanks reversing into combat??

The gamey tactic is stupid and moronic as hell and needs to be fixed. The only way to do this is to make engine hits through the rear target aspect catastrophic.

Otherwise why have frontal armour if you are all but impervious to hits from behind.

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Not much word from Gj about that matter. My advice is to use high HE filler shells to overpressure the crew. Other than that… RUN!

Ahm, what tanks do this?
The only ones i see doing it are IS-1/2s, T1E1s, and what is common in them?
Yeah, they have basically no turret armor…
Learn to aim dude.

And not only that, but even full calibre solidshots just go right through the engine and transmission right into the crew compartment…