Reverse speed T90M

The undercarriage can now be used in automatic or mechanical mode. An important feature from the past of the T-90 has been preserved, namely, the characteristics of the high–speed track. The speed on a flat road remained within 70 km/h, and on the trail it reaches 45 km / h. However, maneuverability is observed at a higher level when compared with its predecessors, as the reverse speed reaches 15 km / h instead of the usual 5 km / h.
Source: 05.03.2024 16:16:42

is it a video as they can’t be used for proof

check reverse speed? its not 4km per h

is it video yes then it can’t be used for reports

Yeah, well also new T-80’s running off the production line to head to the front are with upgraded reverse speed, but high chances are, gaijin isn’t going to add it, and if they do to all of them, it will be unhistorical.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don’t know, but haven’t you noticed that in that video the T-90 is fighting on its ass? It’s not in reverse gear, it’s in forward gear but pointing backwards.

but the t90 is not reversing in this video, it literally has its rear exposed

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No, all T-90M currently just revamped the turret, the powerpack is stay the same.
They not even introduced or advertise any improvement for the tranmission in near future, only the T-80BVM model 2023.