Reverse BR chances for Ozelot

Can we have Ozelot on 9.3 again? It’s really strange to have a far superior AA (Gepard 1A2) in the same BR as Ozelot (even if it’s bugged).

Besides, for lineups 9.3 or lower there’s only the option of the Gepard as AA, which is 1 whole BR lower, and it’s really frustrating not being able to counter any 9.0+ plane/helicopter.

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They should do the same with the Type 93, which is the same as the Ozelot but without the radar (and more mobility).

Bonus for that one is you could then use it in a lineup with the Type 74s, rather than a gimped lineup with just the Type 16 at its BR

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I don’t know if it’s the same with the Type 93, but in the Ozleot it’s practically impossible to lock your sights on some 10.0+ helicopters (e.g. G-LYNX) and even some airplanes. I know that in 9.3 this would still happen, but in 9.7 it’s very common.

Yup its the same, its the same missile system, it really hates locking on to helis beyond like 2km. (Which means most ATGM helis out range you)

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