Return the 30 second base respawn time to Air RB

If that is so, then the solution is obvious. Ping doesn’t matter when you PVE really.

If you don’t enjoy the game as such, why play it? You only enjoy the 12.3 plane? If players get the 12.3 plane, they often realize that they don’t want to play it.

If you want to grind RP in AB, you do need to learn too, how to do it. Not every plane will work well in AB, not every map will work well. But that is true for RB too.
And if you compare, you need to look at RP/min, not RP/match. And you should keep crew skill in mind too. That is another income, that some people value.

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Actually incredible that this poll exist…jfc


I voted no because what would happen to the ticket bleed? We would have MASSIVE ticketbleed if we have fast bombers who just can bomb every 30s, that would kill that Gamemmode even more besides 16v16, missle clusterf*ck and compressed BRs, it just wont help anything.

Although i agree with you on most of your points, imho the game mode is already down as - with or without 30 seconds timer - Air RB has two main problems:

  1. Too many inexperienced players are flooding the game mode due to the combination of comparably high rewards regarding SL/RP gain of bombing respawning bases combined with a rather low skill level to bomb these bases. The SL/RP income is so attractive that they can reasearch whole TTs without the need to gain pilot skills. This adds also the issue that too many players go for the same targets.

  2. Missing alternatives for experienced bomber / strike fighter pilots to bomb or kill other targets than respawning bases as the rewards for killing other targets are simply too low. So those players have to decide between having a real game (ticket) impact and low SL/RP gain or a very small game (ticket) impact by killing respawning bases in exchanges for way higher rewards.

As most players are driven by grind it is somehow comprehensible that they want to reinstall a 30 seconds timer - but i am rather sceptical that gaijin will change their mind.

  • It simply looks like they made from their pov a mistake (shorten the timer), their statistic guys realized this too late and reinstalled the previous timer. Their feedback “not a bug” is a clear indicator that they do not see a problem.

  • Some might remember the 20mm HE bug - allowing you to kill an ai King tiger with a single HE shell - from the front. Either it was a test or they simply messed this up - it took them several months to react and there was not a single piece of official communication (i was aware of) that has dealt with this issue.

So as long as base bombing of respawning bases is more attractive (regarding SL/RP income) than killing other game objectives the downward spiral of Air RB can’t be stopped. Some solutions were mentioned in this thread:

  • Increasing rewards for killing Ground ai, rework of maps regarding the location and number of possible ground targets or more dynamic objectives (like to stop a column / trains by killing bridges or rail yards) would be a nice start.

  • And ofc - the ticket impact of killing a respawning base does not reflect the risk taken by going for base - seeing some other threads it looks like that ai planes are able to kill more tickets (= game impact) with killing “classic” ground targets than players with base bombing (imho 180 to 300 tickets per base)

As long as the game design / mechanics remains unchanged the game play on maps with respawning bases is reduced to a farming / grinding event - players farm SL/RP with bombing respawning bases and other players farm SL/RP by killing players bombing bases…fantastic game play.


Bases have a negligible impact on ticket bleed. Prior to this update, when the base respawn was at 30 seconds, there was no issue with matches being ended prematurely due to base destruction. Matches almost always ended due to all players on a team being killed, or ground units being killed (AAA, light/medium tanks, pillboxes etc which have far higher ticket impact than base destruction.)

IMHO, the game has a well hidden structural problem, which causes many subsequent and more obvious problems.
The basic problem is the way they compute RP as a product of time and activity. This works very well for a single spawn mode but not well at all for multi spawn modes - unless you live long in one vehicle.

Most of the economy problems here can be traced back to this one issue. The flooding of RB is an indirect conseqence. You get so much more RP in RB for doing nothing.

Whoever voted no is a troll

Also here: fine with me, but this goes imho way too far regarding the topic of this thread.

The problems of Air RB are much more than just the 2 outlined in my post, but they are for this topic the most obvious ones.

Imho most of the guys here are experienced enough to have a sober and neutral view on things - it seems clear that the more players play Air RB just to grind, their own SL/RP income and life span (most important for RP in Air RB) depends just on the total number of grinders (going for the same targets) and pilots (going for planes) in both teams.

In other words: the MM decides the majority of matches…

As soon as the outcome becomes a random event like now, everybody just looks for his own benefit - somehow understandable, but detrimental for the game mode itself.

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And this is a consequence of the core problem (imho).

After almost a month since the major update, I had tried so many times ,but had bad experience in air RB.
Because of extending respawn time of bases, I experienced more often being shot down by teammates or teammates killing each other, just because someone was too slow to get a base or team kill someone who rob the base which was marked . The extending respawn time of bases made the environment become worse, it’s not a good sign.
I would like to report that extending respawn time of bases is not a good decision, before the major update, 30 seconds of respawning bases was the best period that I had enjoyed in WT gameplaying time.
Though 30 seconds of respawning bases is the best choice, it’s used to be 3minutes of respawning bases befoe 30 seconds rolled out, 5 minutes is too long and made the game not enjoyble.
So, if Technical Moderators could have some discussion of turning back to 30 seconds of respawning bases will be nice.

With that mindframe, you are bound to “experience” a lot of aggression. It is asking for trouble.

I don’t see it as a core problem if a single spawn mode benefits contribution and emphasizes life span - at least in theory you can’t win a match if you die early.

It do agree that there is a problem if the majority of players simply don’t live long enough to benefit from the massive RP boost of not dying whilst they have contributed.

It is a core problem because it causes the influx of grind players. RB protects players of this mode from dying early - unless they don’t even manage to get airborn alive. In RB, you don’t need to understand the mechanic, you are forced to do it right. As you have to fly2die, you get a few minutes of lifetime anyway. In arcade you can bob&drop in under a minute. Same accomplishment, but way less reward. So they all end up in RB. And then want to change the mode to “money for nothing, chicks for free”.

If the reward system would treat time different, RB would not be so advantaged over AB. And all other multi spawn modes had more incentive to respawn.

The good old Dire Straits :-)

How exactly will it be dumbed down?

Irrelevant, the amount of other people also mentioning how teamkilling is a problem proves that it’s more common now due to the changes.

You again completely misunderstood the point. The issue is slow planes are literally left in the dust as all targets are taken by the time they get to the action. On a side note, I have 4 times as many games as well played in the A10 and have played it stock to spaded which you definitely didn’t do unless you paid GE for mods.


I feel like it would give bomb trucks a purpose rather than being useless and contributing nothing.

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By the path you described:
Grind is the whole point of this game.
Respawning bases will require less planning and thought to grind.

It doesn’t prove anything like that. It only proves that there are more lamenting people now trying to change things back by using this claim. It remains a claim. My only reliable data point says, that I wasn’t team killed once when trying to reach a base. As I grinded 9 jets (top tier) since the last sale, I have seen a fair triple digit number of matches. Unless I am special, the effect can’t be pronounced. Alternatively, the claim is made by the shooters, who would observe (their) rare behavior every match.

Again, you omit options. My A10 is spaded, and no, I didn’t pay GE for mods. But your A-10 wasn’t in the equation, it was the posters premium A-10 I checked and compared. As he kills a plane per flyout, his income does include quite some air combat. Contrary to what he says. And now please tell me, why your plane matters in this?

the base gameplay doesnt change in anyway from what youre describing and with a fast respawn timer it allows for more maneuvering rather than people more or less just waiting. if anything it would do the opposite of dumbing it down.

Special in the sense of being oblivious to the fact that its increased. I recommend playing the F-111, F4 phantom 2s, and the Tornado as these are the vehicles usually targeted.

This is where you are just straight up lying. He didn’t say that he doesn’t get air kills. He said that base bombing and ground pounding is much better in terms of RP/SL gain and he is correct with this statement.

My stats are as relevant to your goal post moving as his were.


I like to believe it will be lowered in the future because by the time 4 or 5 minutes go by typically one teams bombers are long shot down.

either reduce the spawn time or include more bases to attack, maps are huge now we should make more use of the landscape - 3+ areas to attack should be more than most teams could wipe in one go could even have it as an alt win condition for certain match modes

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