Return the 30 second base respawn time to Air RB

IMO the current 4-5 Minute respawn timer on Air RB bases is just too much, it basically removes the viability of bombing to grind as the average match has 16 players. Making the bases take that long to respawn leaves bombers with 3 solutions: Sneak around for the next while, contributing NOTHING, die because their manuverability is killed by the weight or bombing ground units. The former 2 impacts the team negatively and the latter is less desireable than bombing a base, bringing back the short base respawn wouldn’t hurt the game too much and actually allows for a more optimised experience.

Or Gaijin could choose to fix Air RB (Impossible)

I have once heard a game developer say that you can give to the player anything you want, but you have to be very careful when you take something away from them.

It may have been a bug in the first place, but that doesn’t matter at all. We have seen and experienced it, we want to keep it.

In high tier most planes have the potential to destroy at least one base, in many cases two. With 16 players on each team and only 4 bases this creates a situation where people are forced to race to those bases as fast as possible, no matter what. when you have a subsonic strike aircraft like an A-4, A-6, A-7, A-10, Harrier or Su-25, you can forget it right away. With those planes you can idle at the edge of the map and hope that the game isn’t over before the bases respawn.

This might look ok in the statistics for the amount of RP and SL that players gain in a match, but gameplaywise it’s just ridiculous. If the respawn timer gets cut down again, everybody can play his plane as he wishes to. The only reason to keep the timer up to prevent players from making RP and SL and having fun. It is to deliberately slow down the progress. If Gajin wishes to that, fine. That is how they keep players hooked and sell premium time and vehicles, but please find other solutions for that than limiting the things you can do in the game.

The first change that would be a great help is a working player loadout display on the scoreboard. We should be able to see what the blue planes carry. Missiles, bombs, rockets & gunpods. That way, we could easily figure out what would be a good idea for us to do and not to do. The display is currently broken and needs a fix!

Base bombing isn’t exactly what planes like the A-10 were designed to do, is it? So I would not complain that they have difficulty doing a job they were not designed for.

Faster attackers are quite capable to stike the second wave of bases or even the first, as they can get there quickly.

But that is true for what you favor as well.

That is the thought pattern of those players who just play to grind. They would probably do these “I am no robot” checks for RP and SL too, to get RP easily. If that is what you want, it is there for you, called arcade. Attackers and bombers will be active from airspawn to death, you can “space bar” as long as you live, collect lots of RPs, you can win matches, and your crews will love it. Why don’t you play that?

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Certainly not, but sure enough it also was not designed to operate in a crowded airspace like Air RB is. First of all it was designed to operate in a scenario where the own party has air control.
I think it doesn’t lead to anything when we start discussing gameplay issues based on what they were designed for in real life.

Sure they are, but first of all the game has to last that long, plus in an A-10 you have to hide 2-3 minutes until that second wave spawns.

I just want the spawn timer to be back to 30 seconds. I haven’t heard anyone calling that ridiculous. This way you can fly in, drop your bombs and then you can look for some PvP action or take care of some ground targets (what the A-10 was designed for). The important factor is that you don’t have to waste time in the middle of nowhere for bases to respawn, doing nothing but being useless and not helping anyone.

That is basically just saying love it or leave it. “If you don’t like it go play something else” just kills every discussion. Based on that you don’t need polls, suggestions, forums or any interaction between developers ans players at all.


No,it isn’t. I am just telling you that a mode exists which offers you very much of what you want. It already exists in a more attacker and bomber friendly layout. While RB does not.

On what would you base it then? Desired income?

Excuse me, but I was talking about fast attackers. Not the A-10. And when I tried it in fast attackers, it worked reasonably well.

Here: nice for grind but REDICULOUS for game play.

I translate this:
This way you can fly in, grab loads of RP and then you can look for some PvP action or take care of some ground targets.
Sure, would be nice. Would you still do this, if bases gave far less RP&SL? It is just a quick grind move, which Gaijin legitimately limits.

In some sense, you don’t need polls on “Do we have to work for money or shall we get it for free”.

And now I tell you a fable:
Once upon a time, in AB, it was possible to earn 40.000 RP and 150000SL with bombing in 12 minutes. But it came at a risk of losing the bomber and paying a hefty repair. Then people came and realized that they can’t all do this from scratch, and that they would have to learn and invest first. Then they demanded lower repair costs. Then they demanded, that all bombers should be able to earn equal in this. And slowly but surely they succeeded. Now they can all do it (in theory). Except for the reward. They will no longer be able to earn 40000 RP and 150000SL when they succeed. Then they moved to RB. And the story repeats.

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Yes from me specifically for higher brs where there seems to be a tendency for everyone and their mother to carry bombs and go for bases as some aircraft (the F-105) is not very efficient at anything but bombing. But due to the amount of players going for base bombing it’s often impossible to do so with these planes.

I find base respawns seem to be flaky, they take longer on some maps and can take even longer depending on how fast the four bases were popped in the first place. I have had matches where the match has ended before the bases even respawn.

You clearly don’t play top tier at all from this statement. Way too optimistic.

I didn’t see the matches being affected negatively by the 30 seconds spawn when it was available, instead it made slower planes with less antiair capabilities less painful to grind and players more active, with fewer people flying passively. I would say instead that the matches improved a bit with this “bug”, so I would like to see it back in the game, at least reduced to 1 - 2 minutes if 30 seconds seems too fast.

As for other CAS roles in Air RB and Sim, I agree - the RP/SL reward seems too small for successfully performing a ground kill especially on hard targets like tanks and heavy pillboxes (since they were reduced again and again in the last years). It’s kind of sad having all these modern self-guided weapons available, but not being rewarding enough to be used outside Ground RB. But that’s a different topic that should be discussed on a different post.

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Read my fable!
When we get bases for everyone, no one will want them any longer…

100% needed, +1

With so many additions of heavily armed jet bombers with afterburners, bombing bases in anything that cant reach a Mach 1 at 10.0+ is pretty much nigh impossible.
Sticking around in the stratosphere for 5 minutes while enemy A10s are bleeding your team dry or F5-Deathcloud has turned your team into mush is neither fun nor a good game design.
Using any subsonic strike aircrafts, bombers or similar is incredibly useless if they cant do the role they are meant to do because a jet fighter with the ability to bring bombs has just taken out the base while you were 15km behind him going as fast as you could.
At the very least the fast respawn timer let the strike aircrafts get some amount of RP and SL, instead of the current predicament where you might as well drop all bombs when leaving your airfield as soon as you see a jet fighter with bombs in front of you because youre not getting shit, and sticking around for the respawn just increases the chances of dying to invisible missiles from heaven or getting shot down by a fighter with better maneuverability.

It has absolutely 0 meaning if the previous 30 second respawn was a bug or if it was intended, people viewed the quick respawning bases in a positive light and was seen as a generally good addition, intended or not.
Unless you increase the amount of bases per match massively across the board, to 8-12 or more, there is literally no point in playing a subsonic bomber or strike aircraft, because there will always be someone quicker than you to get to it.

If at 10.0 theres 4-6 Su25s for example, and each has the ability to take at least 1 and at most 2 bases, you will inevitably end up with people that didnt get to use their loadout, or do anything, and whats worse, itll only lead or incentivise people shooting down friendly planes with bombs to secure their ability to get the RP or the SL from the base.

Just bring back the base respawn or at the very least reduce the current one to a minute.


I think you got to the core of the matter: What is the point of flying a bomber or a slower strike air plane, if you send it out to bombing bases in RB? I ask this in all seriousness.

Further above, you suggest other and better uses:

So in your own oppinion, that slow strike aircraft does other things much better in RB than bombing bases.

When I try to answer the question, I find only one honest answer: grind. Because other than that, you do nothing relevant in that match by bombing bases. And it works out in a way that the team with less such bombing planes wins most likely. Maybe I miss something?
If you do this with a fighter plane, one could argue that this is intermediate, that once you get the plane up to snuff, you actually fight to win. But when people do this with spaded planes, the argument no longer applies.

Many Su-25 work as base defenders, as they have all aspect missiles. They don’t all go on bombing missions. And I have not yet observed a teamkill for a base. I have observed entitled rage in chat when people don’t care about a base ping some slow bob made. But that is all.

And as I said before, read my fable above. If your get your wish, you won’t want it anymore.

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Ok lets look at couple things you wrote.
What is the role of a bomber/strike aircraft?
-to bomb positions, be it bases or ground targets, but given that ground targets dont give much RP or SL compared to base, the base takes precedent. If im faced with the necessity to grind out a tech tree to get to a plane i like, the most time efficient method takes precedent. RP gain of bombing a base far outweighs doing ground pounding.
“Further above you suggest…”
-Every single A10 player will prioritise bombing bases first and then ground pounding. After all if there is a juicy steak infront of you why would you go for the salad. The A10 is my most played jet in this game and i can reliably tell you that destroying bases far outweighs killing a convoy in both RP and SL gain.
The general way to play a strike aircraft like the A10 for example is to go to a base, bomb it, then turn to ground pounding, if anyone gets close you have your missiles to try and kill them. You dont try to dogfight fighters unless its necessary or youre bored :P
Majority of WT players dont play a plane purely for fun, but mainly to progress through a tech tree, winning is obviously important but the most important thing is to at the very least get some amount of progression for your time. Which also brings me to:
“Many su25 work as base defenders”
Yea i doubt that, have you seen the ARB? Since im currently grinding out the russian TT with Su25K i get to see it first hand. Base defending does not give you shit in comparison (just compare the reward for killing one jet vs killing one base). And worse thing is that sticking around your own bases just increases your chances of dying and returning back to main menu with no RP or SL gained.

In theory what you wrote isnt incorrect, a frogfoot would be an ok base defender, however in practice there is no point in doing so.
High risk, Low reward.
Youre a massive target for enemy fighters, youre literally in the path of the fighters that bring bombs, and if you die either to a missile or getting outturned, youve just wasted anywhere between 3-10 minutes doing nothing.

Also it isnt very uncommon to see teamkills when multiple people are heading to the same base.
Teamkills or getting called slurs for playing the game with a quicker plane isnt exactly very good game development, and the fix is literally just reversing to what we had pre-Kings of Battle.

If everyone gets piece of the cake, less people will be toxic.

Also your fable… you keep pointing to it as if it were the bible.
Not only does it not apply here and the comparison is faulty, its also somewhat dumb lol
those 40k RP and lots of SL were only possible if you went into the stratosphere where it was literally not efficient timewise to go after you and it was boring, and it only worked because the bombs in AB have a timer.
Going from airfield to base to airfield takes time, going from airfield to base and back is not safe. You cant reach ludicrous amount of RP or SL from essentially not playing the game.
The entire point of the lowered time to base respawning is to make sure that everyone in the match gets their piece of the proverbial cake, instead of just the select few that have the quickest jets, leaving the rest annoyed, angry or hostile.

If i get my wish, the game will be better. (and i know this because it was literally how the game was in last patch)


+1 vote 30 second respawn time , make base great again

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So it is grind. And you won’t get it handed to you as it happened in that accident. Happened before, but didn’t return after they caught it. Enjoy while it lasts. But it is over. If you get it back, your RP/SL expectation value will at best remain the same.

And if you really mean what you say, take your attackers to AB.

That only works if there is a base left to attack once you get near. How likely is that given your air speed? You realize that you kill nearly a full plane per flyout? That surely is part of your income.

That is what I say, this is the bottom line. And have no illusions, they will not quadruple the riches on the map. Worst enemy in this matter is not Gaijin but the players that end open lootboxes without any need because they don’t understand RP rewards. But that is a different story.

It isn’t the bible, it is what happened. If you ask for more bases and succeed in getting them, they will be worth less.

No, it is only the grind, that will be better. The game will be dumbed down.

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I happened to grind the F-105D’s modifications with the “bugged” respawn timer, and it was actually nice. To not have to worry about someone “stealing” my base because I know it will be back quickly made the game far more enjoyable, and the grind more bearable.

After the update, I ground the A-7E’s modifications, and it was much more tedious. I carried my bomb payload and was forced to fly close to the edge of the map until the bases respawned, and between takeoff and base respawns, the match often ended, or my team was gone and I was the target of all remaining enemy aircraft. What a waste of my time!

My grind of the F-111A has been similar. Being shot down, or having the match end early, when attempting to fly the Aardvark with 36x750lb bombs (so that the wings can’t sweep) has happened so many times in comparison to successful trials, that I was forced to carry fewer bombs to allow for sweeping wings. And even then, I couldn’t always get bases before the match was ended!

I believe a decrease in the base respawn timer would be nearly entirely beneficial. I agree that if 30 seconds is too fast, that it should be decreased to 1-2 minutes maximum.


That’s whole point of this game.

I have yet to witness this.

It’s very common, especially in the 9.0-11.0 range.

That’s kinda the whole point just flying over your head right there. You were so close…

How exactly will it be dumbed down?


That may be YOUR whole point of this game. But if it is, then the request is simply to make the game way easier.

From your perspective: It will make the grind easier and hence the game will require less planning to get to the RP.

I did grind a whole load of top tier planes in that range after the patch dropped and I didn’t see one such team kill. Not one.

Closer than you it seems. I wrote a second sentence, which you omitted, I looked at the person’s and my A10 stats. I doubt you did.

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YOU not see dont mean it dont exist. AFAIK in Asia or Russian server it happen many times

So you just enjoy playing game like working 24/7 to get a 12.3 plane? Most player must grind RP to get what they want to play.
It is you played the game, not game played you.
Also i take Tu-4 to AB but get into Caputre Base mode battle, and AB get much less RP than RB

When players grinding the game is at least live not dead because all player cant stand work 24/7 to get what they want.