Retractable weponry

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I am suggesting the addition of a mechanic that enables the user to control the position of an external weapon. For example, the launcher on the FV438 Swingfire. Extended position, ready to fire, or retracted position, for transport. This is going to reduce the signature of the tank and might be a way to improve the damage model for vehicles like the Bradleys.

Another example of vehicles that might benefit from this is the AFT09 and the Mephisto, being able to sit in bravo before extending their launchers and firing.

The functionality of the controls may be equal to that which retracts and extends the radar on SPAAGs.

Is this something that more people would be interested in?


+1 would make the Type 60 more sneaky lol


This will make vehicles more interesting.


+1 Oh absolutely, honestly as much as I hate having vehicles which are forced to store itself away if the vehicle is above a certain speed I also hate it when I don’t have the option to retract them either, its especially annoying with the khrizantema because not only is it bigger than the sturm-s because its a BMP-3 hull but the fact is that the launcher is always deployed which in certain situations is less than ideal for an atgm carrier. I don’t think for many vehicles which could do such a thing would improve things as significantly though it would help certainly those which it would benefit most and I don’t think in such a way they would have to go up in br because of one little thing.

Edit: Also now that I think about it would help a variety of vehicles which this could help in a particular way in theory since you could close the vehicle off fully from arty so it might not be as easy for a near miss hit to kill you.


This’d allow the TOW of the US squadron vehicle to stay down and only deploy when I want it to, so I’m keen…


more realism would be nice, also would just be a cool feature spawning in and having to first make sure your atgm launcher is in the firing position

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Would be nice for the Matilda Hedgehog


I really want the Spike launcher on the Vilkas to be retractable, at least when its empty.


+1. This can be cool

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