Restricted Areas

The recent changes are impacting the realistic gameplay, and I’m not just referring to specific maps like Mozdok or Sinai. I understand that dealing with campers can be frustrating, but it’s an integral part of the game. If you want to avoid them, the solution is to coordinate with your team and dominate the camper-heavy areas strategically. This is what makes War Thunder unique – it’s about cavalry tactics, strategy, and positioning.

Campers may find new spots to shoot from, and while it can be annoying to get shot by them, it’s still part of the game’s dynamics. Gaijin’s efforts to enforce rules and prevent camping have led to the discovery of new camping spots. I do get frustrated when I’m shot by a camper, but that’s just the game.

It seems like players want WT to become WOT, but that risks losing the primary advantage of War Thunder – its realistic gameplay. If players want to know where everyone is all the time, they can play arcade mode. The changes are ruining realistic gameplay experience. If you agree with the changes, explain your perspective.


please help us voting to bring back the original map and revert sands of Sinai change.
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Im not surprised gaijin did so. Half the population are chancers, dont know that you only need 2 cap’s in domination, but no they run around the outside of the map for the nearest cap to enemy spawn and snipe from there.
Just had a match and could not move from spawn due to some tank destroy at over 1k shooting HE, taking the piss. In football they call it off-side. Eveyone is more worried about there K/D than winning the match.

There are alot of dog shit players who no nothing of fair play

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I still strongly believe that defending key points that provide advantages in combat is an essential part of the game dynamics. The only alternatives to dealing with campers seem to be either playing arcade mode, which renders the issue irrelevant, or switching to WOT. Having played other war simulators such as DCS, Rising Storm, and Enlisted, I’ve observed that a significant aspect of gameplay revolves around gaining an advantage before capturing objectives or preventing the enemy from capturing them. It’s not about fair play; it’s about effective team coordination. It’s a war game, you need to surprise the enemy.

Consider this: even with Gaijin’s efforts, there are matches where your team might get overwhelmed quickly, and the enemy establishes a siege around your spawn. In such situations, there seems to be no effective solution other than the one I mentioned earlier.

In the past, realistic battles in War Thunder felt akin to an MMA match, but recent changes make it resemble more of an amateur karate tournament with numerous restricted moves and a requirement for extensive protection (head, knee, torso, legs, etc.). Despite being a spender in War Thunder, I’m seriously contemplating a switch back to basics with DCS. I get pissed with campers too. But next match I’ll look that point before make progress.


I understsnd what your saying and i feel it to when playing. But the enemy have the same map with the same advantage points as you do. You do not have to go far off the paths to caps to get an advantage or help your team

Please gaijin, stop destroying the game more than it is, it is not difficult to do things right.

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This is the crux of the matter. We have articulate, well argued posts like yours on one hand, and on the other we have the people with, “I got shot from nowhere I want magical spawn forts!”

…and Gaijin choose to pander to the latter. I can only assume that newbies bring in more revenue than experienced players to explain the current direction.

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Irl what army puts all there eggs in 1 spawn basket


Really a shame that newbies complain about gettin’n killed in a war game. “pls gaijin, I’m dying in your war game; so ruin everyothers gameplay to protect me because I can’t deal with it”. The realism that bring players here, istead of to join other similar games, at these steps, will be the reason to quit.

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Did someone put a rock in your OP sniping spot.


Uhm…? What?

They could just add some cover to the spawns instead of limiting whole areas of maps…

Its not rocket science… just add some hills or crashed buildings

Maybe even AT guns/ATGM emplacements that shoot enemies that are looking into spawn from a weird angle…

Or automatic high precision artillery strikes for enemies that are looking into the spawn for too long

Or even better imo: remove spawn points as a whole and add some sort of “frontline approach” where you can spawn on accessible areas from the side you teams spawns in

I was thinking where you have 2 spawn points and terrain allows, stretch the spawns so they meet. Spawning can get right on peoples boat being so congested

wot as a game is better, everything has a counter even campers. WT is all about the models and graphics rest is quite garbage as a game and as a gameplay.

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lmao, everytime I get sinai if im on the south side is insta ctrl+alt+delete and end process, login again and crew is not locked. Gajin is just ruining their game non stop

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They should lose the stupid red areas completely and only have physical barriers at the edge of any map. How many times has a plan gone out the window because what looks like accessible map space simply isn’t. There are times I have taken what looks like a good path only to hit rocks and get timed out . Generally, a ODL of disgust when that happens. The game really went backwards when those red areas came in.

I also find that the areas marked as spawn kill territory are not accurate so you show up to the enemy when the map says you shouldn’t.

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That would be the common sense approach. So, no.

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Why dont they make spawn invisible, if its to close to a CAP push the spawn further back.
And/ or make it so you cant do damage, bit like taking off in ARB you cant crash into friendly plane on the runway. So many times ive been pushed or i have pushed a team member at spawn