Restore the abandoned factory map old concept immediately + suggestion for fix

Today i faced with the new upgraded version of Abandoned factory. I suspect to the modification on construction changed to provide spawn protection. BUT…
this not full fill and become more opened. Not just not added new layer as cover the old also removed. Firstly, not really able to detect it on minimap, but in reallity you can face with it.


If really want update a spawn protection use this concept… for me it take max 45 min to rethink and fix the current concept… just added some object and placed them in differen layer around the spawns in different angle… and:


Current concept:

Recommended concept:

Added objects which i suggest to add:


Small container marker located in D1,D2 image:

Small box marker image :

Multiple box marker image :

Big container marker Located in D7,F7 image:

Trash marker: multiple pipes or mount on garbage:

What do you think?


Why is this is a discussion and not a suggestion.

Good question i will move it his location thx the hint.

Sadly i not have a permission to move to suggestions part, so i create and other one with minor modification. This waiting for moderetors and stand on pending state. When it got a green light, i will remove this topic from discussion.

another map ruined for many.

How do we get good at this game when its constantly changing?

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