Respawn in aircraft with no kills, assist, scout or cap. WTH?

So, here is the replay link, as you can see the guy does some damage and then dies

Jake13019 on the game replay, but Jake13019@live on web replay ( the @live has special powers ???)

I am confused by what you are referring to. I watched the replay and he never gets into a plane. Also, the @live just means that he is on xbox.

you kidding me, right ?

For some reason it switched me over to another player when he died, oops. Considering it is a clean fighter, it shouldnt cost too much. He is in an uptier too which also lowers the sp cost of your vehicles. My guess is that he got just enough to spawn it.

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Yep, uptiered and clean so will be cheap. Perfect for anti-CAS to stop your team moaning about CAS! (Ideal world).

you telling me that the guy did more points dying doing nothing than the sp needed for the tank ? damn !!

could have been scouting

1- you should read title " no kills, assist, spot, cap"
2- you should check the replay first
3- scout with an M4 haha
4- scout gives β€œassistance” ( not assistance per se but still shows as it )

ps : going to change title to make it more specific

You would be surprised by how little some aircraft can cost. Sweden has a heli with 6 atgms that you can spawn in doing not much more than what the guy in the replay did. Clean wing fighters are very cheap because they tend to lack much in terms of ground attack. This is ment to help people spawn in stuff to counter enemy cas.