Resetting Repairs

Why does a fire reset a 60s repair on the last 1s to the full 60s?
Why does a track finished to 0.0001s need to be repaired for another 40s because I decided to start the repair officially?

All of this should have been patched ages ago. All of it was an issue in 2015, and it is inexcusable in 2023.

This is just one example of “Gaijin literally not fixing issues for well over a decade”. And why would they if all you ever do is ask them, “When will you introduce the new nation prototype, which will be unveiled in 2031, to WT? I have been waiting for more than 1s, so when will it be?”

Could the community Maybe stop encouraging Gaijin from introducing tech we have no data on (while also claiming that this community will not tolerate anything unrealistic while tolerating literally over 500 fake vehicles in the game) and actually demand that they fix issues that have plagued the game for over a decade.

The “Next Patch and Beyond” threat reads more like a 3-year-old Christmas wishlist than a threat about improvements the community wants or needs.


The spam of suggestions for vehicles has no doubt made it harder to get attention to various things that need attention, but same goes with the overall thread spam…

I feel all of this is making it harder for anyone to do thier ‘job’ on this forum.

Needs to be sorted out overall to be honest.

Even reporting bugs is a nightmare as my last report got closed as a duplicate and referred to a Russian report from A YEAR BACK… Yet it still won’t be looked at.