Resetting (Laser) Rangefinder key issue (maybe bug)

Does anyone else have issues with resetting (Laser) Rangefinder?
I used to have it keybind on C (reset axis value) but it doesn’t reset to default, is this bug, or I’m I doing something wrong?
I use both mouse wheel and assigning a button for resetting quickly if I’m on the moving for fast reset to save a second(s) so can respond faster.


That… Is… Your zoom axis…


Where do I find the option that resets my rangefinder range to 0 or what is called?

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It’s in “Sight Distance Correction”, or something like that. Set your key to the Reset figure on there, and it will fix it.

I can’t find that option anywhere

As said, that’s not the exact name and I can’t quite remember it right now.
It’s in ground vehicles.

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It’s okay thanks for the help

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Have you found it yet? If not, I can try and grab a screenshot for you.

It’s Sight Distance CONTROL, my bad.

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I don’t know mine stopped working after I reset my keys and rebind everything, mine is bind on C but doesn’t seem to register it when I press it.

You’re sure you set it on the keybind I have in the screenshot?

Enable axis has to be pressed while pressing reset axis

I added enable axis to reset axis both on X and it worked.

I think it’s a bug, it doesn’t reset my rangefinder

You need to be pressing “Enable Axis” while you press “Reset Axis Value”.

Bind both to C or X then try

I already did that before it’s just a bug

You have Reset Axis Value as “C, X” and Enable Axis as “PGUP”

Set Reset Axis Value to “C” and Enable Axis as “C” then try it

You can double up on keybindings instead of clicking “replace” click “add” then two binds can go to the same key

Why are God’s name Earth are you replying if you don’t know what you’re talking about I’ve told you this before it doesn’t work I’m pressing the button C it’s not working

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You’re posting “Zoom Axis (Ground)” that isn’t “Sight Distance Control”

It’s at the bottom of Miscellaneous

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Here you searched “Sight Distance Correction” it’s “Sight Distance Control” but again it should be at the bottom of Miscellaneous