Reset ticket counting speed when someone is on Nuke

In realistic battles, ticket counting will speed up after Capture Points have been taken control by both team for several times, thus dropping a nuke would be really difficult when in later stages of the battle. The nuke should be able to provide a chance for the last one or two player of a team to fight back, but the speed of ticket dropping would prevent this from happening.
There should be voices opposing me, since pausing the ticket counting might guarantee the win for the opposite if none of the players can switch to air forces. I fully agree with that.
What I would like to see is that, if someone is on nuke, the ticket counting speed should be reset to a slower speed, but the origin number of tickets dropping should be accumulated, and be applied as soon as the nuke plane is down, no matter if the plane is still capable of flying, dropping the bomb or not.
The speed should give player enough time to take off and drop the bomb in 500 tickets I suggest, so winning over a nuke through tickets is still workable.

This has been brought up several times and the answer is:

No, dropping the nuke requires you to earn and deliver it on time. If you took to long, you didn’t do good enough. It is just that simple.


A nuke is a reward for someone that played well,. Probably killed you more than once by the sounds of it

Yeah, then why arcade battles never end before the nuke is dropped? Is there any discrimination in battle modes? I remembered gaijin once mentioned about the nuke and tickets, but I’m not sure whether it works for only arcade or both. Anyway, just complaining about dropping over 1500 tickets when taking off from AF, it’s too fast.